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Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a suitable solution to replace lost or broken teeth. Technological advances have brought in new dental implants techniques which offer faster healing process. It also ensures the teeth don’t move throughout the healing process.

You should look for pros and cons of dental implants if you’re considering a teeth implant.



1. Appearance: The implant gives you natural looking teeth. The replaced teeth match the color of your natural teeth. No metal hooks used to support the teeth in place.

2. Patient satisfaction: Dental treatment procedure leads to a high level of satisfaction since the patient can get an implant and a new tooth in a single day.

3. Beautiful smile: If it is well done, it will restore your wide smile. It gives you the assurance that your teeth are in place and the replaced teeth just look like the natural teeth.

4. No negative effects: Dental implants are always in place and don’t interfere with your ability to eat, speak or even to smile big. The replaced teeth function just like the other natural teeth.

5. No movement of teeth: The implant on the tooth cavity is effectively locked in place by a bridge to ensure the tooth doesn’t move.

6. Thoroughly tested procedure: The implants process is thoroughly tested to ensure the procedure does not affect the long-term success of the treatment.

7. Damage: Dental implants will not damage the neighboring teeth the way natural teeth will. Other replacement procedures like the use of dentures or dental bonding can cause some damage.

8. Longevity: There is a 98% success rate with dental implants which can last 10+ years. Dental bonding can only last for one or two years making dental implant is the most effective method for teeth restoration.

9. Bite strength: You will have the same bite strength as the natural teeth and the bone will not erode over time.

10. Convenience: You don’t need messy adhesives to hold the teeth in place or remove them when going to sleep. Dental implant eliminates the embarrassment of removing the dentures.



1. Expensive: Dental implant is a complex and expensive process which involves multiple appointments with the dentist. The cost incurred is high and paid in cash since no insurance plan that covers teeth replacement.

2. Surgical procedure: To replace the damaged tooth roots, you need to be sedated so that the surgery is carried out smoothly.

3. Long healing process: After the surgery, it takes months to heal since the titanium screws should fuse with your bone to form a sturdy anchor of the teeth.

4. Replace the crown: The replaced teeth is known as the crown and should be replaced after 10 to 15 years.

5. Nerve damage: Dental implant can lead to numbness, tingling or pain in the other natural teeth. You can also have pains in the gums, on the chin or lips.

6Sinus: Dental implants which are placed at the upper jaw bone may protrude to one of the sinus cavities causing sinus problem.

7Quality: The teeth quality vary depending on your dental professional there it is good to take time and research for the right dentist.

8. Same-day implant issues: It is not possible to create a shortcut that will bypass bone to implant integration using the same-day implant treatment process.
The body needs time in order to produce bone cells for holding the implant into place.

9. Softer diet needs: During the first six to eight weeks you’re required to adhere to softer diet foods to ensure the dental implant do not move. Failure to adhere to this will negatively impact the bone-to-implant integration resulting to failure.

10. Temporary same-day implants: Dental implants done immediately after surgery are temporary and remain in place until integration is completed and later are replaced with a permanent implant which is more aesthetic.

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  1. Ashley Johnson

    I liked that you mentioned that dental care professionals have the ability to give a natural looking smile to a patient needing a dental implant procedure. A concern of mine when I need dental work done is that my smile will be compromised. Knowing that professionals have been trained to restore a beautiful smile upon completion of an implant procedure helps me to feel more comfortable with getting dental work done.

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