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Pros and cons of living in Alaska

Alaska will become a significant investment for states. The area became the 49th state of the United States. It has 17 out of 20 highest mountain peaks in states. Here are the pros and cons of living in Alaska.



1. Snow sports: Alaska is the best place for winter lovers. This is the perfect place for snow sports including hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, backpacking to snowshoeing. Besides regular activities like going to a job and school, outdoor activities are fun.

2. Small town-fun: The largest city is Anchorage and has 300,000 is followed by Juneau with 32,000, Fairbanks with 31,000 and Wasilla with 10,000. You will encounter many cultural opportunities. It will offer you an opportunity to embrace a small town.

3. Slow life: Do you know the concept of “island time? “You will experience the slow life in Alaska. There is no chaos and you can focus to achieve your dreams. Here in Alaska, nobody is responsible for your approach.

4. Best summer: The best summer in the world is found in Alaska. The temperature here is 70 degrees and you will have time to explore. You can go fishing, backpacking, mountain climbing, canoeing, and hand gliding.

5. Save money: Paychecks are not structured with the state’s income tax. Local taxes are lower than the other 48 states. Therefore, you can add extra cash to your savings for college costs and a new home.

6. Job opportunities: Career opportunities include the natural gas industry, the oil industry, and commercial fishing. Also, Alaska has construction jobs, healthcare, transportation, and military.

7. Wildlife: It is not easy to encounter wildlife. Nevertheless, you will see moose each day in Alaska. This is the best paradise for hunting and fishing. It is the only place you can rely on fish and hunt to feed your family.

8. PFD payment: After living in Alaska for a full year, you will qualify to get PFD payment. This payment comes from the gas and oil industries. It is $1,100 per individual. It applies to each person including children.

9. Friendly environment for business: It is simple to start a business in Alaska. The online process takes an hour for you to process the identification number and incorporation file. You can get business loans and be ready to earn money in a week.



1. Extreme cold: When you move to the north of Anchorage, the cold becomes a problem. Many communities experience o temperatures. January receives 0 degrees temperature. February is a little better and receives 13 degrees.

2. Earthquakes: The state receives 5000 earthquakes in a year. In 1964, it recorded the highest earthquake in North America. Also, it experiences volcanic eruptions from time. The event formed 10,000 smokes at Katmai Park.

3. Fuel costs: The state is fueled by the gas and oil industry but gasoline is expensive than other states. You will pay an extra $.45 per gallon. It is the third highest after California and Hawaii.

4. Removing snow: Snow season lasts for at least 3 months. Anchorage receives 30 inches of snow from January to February. Therefore, you will do the shoveling, blowing, and plowing to keep walkways clear.

5. Self-employment calls for business: You must be a business person if you want to be a freelancer. The state does not have income tax hence receives revenue through tax burden.

6. Heat costs: Alaska is colder than other states. Heating costs are high. You can live in an anchorage where there is affordable natural gas. Other homes use wood or coal to reduce costs.

7. Far from other states: Even though there are many flights, Alaska is not ideal for family emergencies. You will have to drive for 72 hours to reach Seattle.

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