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Pros and cons of living in Missoula

Missoula is a city in Montana in the United States. It is found along the Clark Fork River and also where the five mountain ranges converge. On July 1, 2012, the approximate population was 68,394 with an area of 110 977. Missoula was founded as Hell gate Trading Post in 1860 while still part of Washington Territory.


Pros of living in Missoula

1. Affordable cost of living: The cost of living in Missoula is relatively affordable compared to other cities. It is cheaper to live in Missoula as its living cost is below the average living cost of the state. In Missoula, transport, health care, miscellaneous goods, and utilities are cheaper, which results in low costs of living. Those who live in Missoula enjoy low tax rates.

2. Superb Education: Education in Missoula is rated high statewide. Institutions in Missoula have high enrollment rates, a high number of graduates, and a reliable student-to-teacher ratio. The institutions offer low tuition fees to students.

3. Available job Market: Missoula has various jobs in both rural areas and cities. Most people in rural areas are employed in agricultural farms and construction sites. Those in cities work in the healthcare sector, education sector, and government departments. In addition, the payment for the jobs is satisfying.

4. Low population density: In the United States, Missoula is the third least in population. It is the 4th largest state with a population of  1.07 million. Therefore, the majority of the people are centered in the country seats and more unused land.

5. Adventurous Outdoor and recreation: Missoula is well known for its natural beauty. There is incredible Flora and fauna, Glacier, and Yellowstone National parks that offer glorious adventures. Garnet Ghost Town is also a great attraction in Missoula. The presence of many lakes and rivers creates great recreational opportunities.

6. Delicious beer: Brewing is among the most known activities in the state. Fifty-three breweries possess licenses. The breweries’ economic impact surpasses $60 million.


Cons of living in Missoula

1. Lack of Housing: The housing market in Missoula is unaffordable. This forces most people who work in towns to commute from rural homes. In addition, the state does not fully support the housing project.

2. Wildlife and predators attack: Protracted uninhabited lands create an impeccable environment for many Flora and fauna. The state has over 100 wildlife animals that contribute to its beauty. However, the residents have to defend themselves from attacks often.

3. a Large number of tourists: The natural beauty of the top-notch resorts and the landscape attracts many tourists annually. The locals are unhappy since they believe the tourists may destroy their ‘last truly wild state’.

4. Many farms and ranches: The number of cows in Missoula is three times higher than its total population. Farms and ranches in the state total thirty thousand. Even though cattle keeping business gives 4 billion dollars yearly, the money is not earned easily. Valleys in Missoula provide excellent growth of Fruits and vegetables. However, their prices remain high.

5. Weather: There are four seasons in Missoula; winter, spring, autumn, and summer. The state sometimes experiences severe thunderstorms from spring to autumn. Residents experience high temperatures during summer, except for those who live in mountain areas. Low temperatures that lead to freezing are also felt in the winter season. Survival kits and proper dressing are necessary during the seasons.

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