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Pros and Cons of Living in Australia

Australia is a multicultural nation which offers opportunities to everyone. It is the most popular destinations for the British expats due to its sun-drenched landscape. Before choosing Australia as your next destination, you should evaluate the pros and cons of relocating to the country.



1. Great weather: Australia has the most beautiful climate.
It is summer all year-round in Australia with no cold seasons, snows or even storms. It is the coolest place you can be.

2. Low crime rates: There is a low level of crimes in Australia with strict gun control systems. The country has strict rules on drug consumption like the marijuana.

3. Wildlife: If you like walking into the park to watch different birds and nature, then you should consider choosing Australia as one of your destinations. It has diverse and interesting flora and fauna across the world with a lot of plants and animals.

4. Outdoor sceneries: The country has well-preserved national parks and many outdoor activities you can enjoy with friends and families. You can go camping, go surfing, or bushwalking, skydive among others.

5. Education system: The country has a sound education system which not instill knowledge to the kids but also develops and nature them. They have a free primary education. It has some of the best Universities and colleges in the world.

6. Stable political environment: Australia is one of the most politically stable country in the world. There may be fights from the political leaders and other crimes but it is known as one of the most stable and peaceful country.

7. High employment levels: Australia offers employment opportunities to people who move to the country looking for green pastures and also to its citizens in different disciplines.

8. Friendly people: Australia has a diverse culture and people there are friendly and fun to interact with.

9. Cultural diversity: It is one of the most culturally diverse country in the world. Many people migrate to live in this beautiful and sun-drenched country.

10. Sports: Aussies love sports and every weekend people are packed into stadiums to watch football, cricket, and Rugby.



1. Skin cancer: Due to hot weather, there are high rates of skin cancer in Australia. If going for a walk, don’t forget to use sunscreen protection lotion.

2. Tax system: The country has a complex and complicated tax system, therefore, you need to have a qualified accountant or the tax software to enable business owners to manage the taxes efficiently.

3. Expensive: The cost of goods and services are very high due to increases taxes on the commodities. The cost of living in the country is very high depending on your lifestyle.

4. Dangerous wildlife: The country has one of most poisonous snakes and spiders in the world. Be careful when walking in the park for some of these deadliest creatures.

5. Poor transport system: Not all the areas in Australia can be reached using public transport means. They are behind in the transport sector and their buses and train are not as efficient and frequent as they supposed to be.

6Drought and water shortage: During summer, it can get very hot making the country more prone to water shortage, drought, and even bushfires.

7. Expensive automobile: It is very expensive to buy cars and any other automobile vehicle since their imported into the country due to the high cost of manufacturing.

8. No activities in small towns: If you decide to live in the small towns, there are no cultural activities like opera and ballet and any other events.

9. Cost of owning property: Purchasing property in Australia is very expensive. The real estate law favors the sellers. Housing construction is also very expensive

10. Expensive private health insurance: When getting a visa, you’re required to get Private insurance cover which is very expensive.

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