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Pros and Cons of Living in California

California is a state in the Pacific region of the United States. It is one of the most populous U.S states and the third-largest by the area. The state has a population of 39.6 million residents and its capital is Sacramento.

The great Los Angeles area and the San Francisco Bay Area are the nation’s second and fifth most popular urban regions with an approximate of 18.7 million and 9.7 million residents respectively. In California, Los Angeles is the most populous county and also the country’s most populous after New York City.



1. The excellent weather; California is one of the best cool places to live in. It has friendly weather conditions and the best you can ever experience here on earth. California experiences typically 60+ degrees making the state a sunny and cool environment to stay in.

2. The nice easily accessed mountains and landscape; If you love nature, this will be a beautiful place to live in. You can visit the beautiful mountains and evergreen sceneries within the California State. Consequently, you can capture beautiful photos of the mountains and landscape in the area.
3. Visiting the ocean; California has one of the best beaches in the US. You can plan for a romantic getaway at one of the beaches in the area. You can also have an evening walk or watch the sunset as you listen to the super magical ocean waves crashing.

4. Presence of the palm trees all over; Californian is surrounded by palm trees all over. therefore, this creates a cool and beautiful environment to live in every single day.

5. The lifestyle and dynamic economy in California; due to the weather in California and also the availability of all the facilities the life of living in California is lovely and enjoyable and nothing is lacking.

6. Having everything all around you and well-traveled; In California, everything that one could imagine of is always quite literally at your fingertips. Everything is all around you and available every time.

7. It is not just a Hollywood; California as all thing and also put in attention that California is the top dairy state it has the best agriculture, cows horses, farm life, it produces one of the best

8. There are plenty of things to do and quality food; in California, you can never run out of things to do. There are a lot of things to see like mountains, oceans, deserts, cities and a lot of people.

9. There are good people and safety; people in this state tend to be more liberal, more tolerant, and more accepting of each other’s differences.

10. Excellent public higher education system; California has the best education systems compared to other states in the US.



1. It lacks social self-awareness; social self-awareness is taken for granted when it comes to how loud people talk in the restaurants, how they wait in the line, and how they move around. People don’t care about each other.

2. Expensive energy costs; the cost of gasoline and electricity is very high in California compared to other states.

3. Too many people; California being one of the most populated cities makes people scramble for the limited space in the area. The state is overcrowded.

4. The high cost of living; due to the population and high cost of energy, the cost of living is very high. The cost of accessing public services and rental facilities is very high.

5. Has a high overall crime rate; Due to the population, the FBI statistic published shows that California has a high crime rate than any other county around. If planning to travel to California always watch for pickpocketers and stay safe.

6. It has a high Overall Tax burden; the overall tax burden in California is among the highest of all the US states.

7. Low health care services; Medical services in California is not as good as other states. Many people believe that access to health care is better than other countries which are not true.

8. Poor infrastructure; California has the worst transport systems. The high cost of energy coupled with poor means of transport makes it difficult to move around the state with ease.

9. Bad traffic; the traffic of California is notoriously bad, especially in the big cities. You can stay in the traffic for hours before you reach your destination. Poor transport system and a lot of congestion within the area contributes to the high traffic on roads.

10. Not unique to CA; In the same, there are plenty of extremely sheltered local citizens that have little knowledge about the rest of the country and also how special their own state is.

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