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Pros and Cons of Living in Canada

Canada is one of the growing multi-cultural nation and a home for many experts. Due to its welcoming and safe environment, many people migrate to Canada for career advancement and as an excellent place to raise their family. The benefits of living in Canada outweigh its drawbacks.



1. High employment opportunities: In order to promote economic growth in the country, the Canadian government continuously look for foreign works to supplement local skill shortage in the industries.

2. World-class medical services: Canada offer high-quality health services to all citizens. The Canadian government has paid a large amount of money on Medicare making it easy for individuals to access health services for free or at an affordable price.

3. Great economic climate: The economic climate in Canada is more welcoming compared to other countries which are affected by the global recession. Those with the right skills and experience will easily gain employment.

4. Diverse multi-cultural nation: Canada houses immigrants across the globe. If you move to Canada, you will be met by diverse multicultural communities who easily integrate with experts from other nations.

5. Balanced education system: The education system in Canada is well balanced. The government provides funds to support the education system.

6. Rich natural resources: There is an abundant supply of natural resources like fossil fuels, gem, wood and construction materials providing affordable products and services to the citizens.

7. Reduced crime rates: Due to high employment rates, there is a low crime rate in Canada compared to crimes rates in the world.

8. Excellent social programs: There are several social welfare programs established to educate and train people in acquiring new skills.

9. Beautiful scenery: Canada has plenty of outdoor activities like ocean fishing, boating, mountain view, hunting activities, and wildlife attraction.

10. Respected country: Canadian people are very welcoming. The country treats its citizens well and they’re not involved in any global conflicts.



1. High taxes: If you’re relocating to Canada be prepared to pay 42% personal income tax. Fuel taxes, property, capital gain and other leisure commodities like alcohol and tobacco can raise your taxes up to 50%.

2. Very cold: During winter, you have to put up with four to five months of the cold weather and a lot of snow in the driveways and at home. You will also experience high heating bills.

3. Control: The government micro-manages almost everything in Canada ranging from school and restaurants on what you eat.

4. High tuition fee: Compared to other countries where schooling is almost free or nominal, Post-secondary schooling in Canada fee is very high.

5. The high cost of living: There is a high cost of living with a consumer index price of 78%. Although the wage rate is very high, the cost of goods in the country is very high.

6Environmental effects: Canada is a leading producer of oil and this leads to productions of greenhouse gases which cause global warming and climate change.

7Over-dependency: There is a dependency on petroleum production. Every economic sector, exports, and even tax revenues they all heavily rely on petroleum.

8. High housing costs: If you’re planning to move to Canada be prepared to pay high housing rates.

9. Healthcare: Although there is an effective system at a low cost, there are long wait times for some elective procedures especially in large cities.

10. Difficult to be a resident: You have to go through strict immigration laws to get a visa to work and stay in Canada especially if you have limited skills.

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