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Pros and cons of living in venice florida

Venice Florida is a city found in the Gulf Coast of Sarasota County and Florida State. It has a population of 23, 000 people with distributed ages. There are endless opportunities to explore in Venice. Check out the pros and cons of living in Venice Florida.



1. Park: Venice has over 40 parks. For instance, Paw Park near the Gulf of Mexico serves as a play station for dogs. Centennial Park plays free music and you can go and chill during weekends. Moreover, there is a park for children called Legacy Park. It has a train-theme playground which is great for boosting critical thinking in kids. Other parks are city hall park, Brohard Park, chuck Reiter Park, Chauncy Howard park, and east Blalock park.

2. Biking: Venice has several bike trails. You can grab a bike and explore the trails on your own or go for a free community bike tour. Additionally, it is known as a Silver Bicycle Friendly Society by American Bicyclists League. Bicycle enthusiasts can enjoy the tour offered every month on Wednesday from

3. Kayaking: Venice attracts paddlers all over the world. It has plenty and diverse kayaking spots. You can get a chance to learn kayaking in less than 5 minutes. It is all about holding a kayak paddle correctly, paddling, moving forward, backward, and turning.

4. Beaches: This city has the best sand beaches found in the state. The beaches can accommodate dogs, people, and the ones you can look for shark’s teeth. For example, Venice beach is a great spot located a few meters from downtown. It has an old-style pavilion built-in 1964. In addition to that, it has a reef that attracts reef divers. Brohard beach is covered with picnics hence it ideal for picnics or looking at the sunset. The dog beach offers drinking fountains and dog showers. Caspersen beach gives a natural state by featuring mangroves, freshwater, tidal flats, and saltwater marshes.

5. Golfing: Florida is ranked as the golf capital of the world. It is s gold destination for a golf trip with over 1200 golf courses. You can take part in golf courses to be more skilled. Florida has great weather and water which attracts famous golfers like Ricky Fowler, Tiger Woods, and Brooks Koepka.

6. Fishing: Best fishing spots are found in Florida. It offers offshore and inshore fishing. The best time to go out for fishing is during spring when fish have moved to shallow water. Before you go out to fish, ensure you have a fishing license. Fishing without a license is violating laws found in section 379.354 of Florida’s statutes. The penalty is more than the cost of a license. Residents near saltwater attached to land do not have to pay for a license.

7. Employment: Venice is great for business. You can consider self-employment by opening a small business. You need to follow regulations and you will find it easy to carry out the business. Additionally, there are many jobs but they need a license. This includes crew member, warehouse worker, hospitality worker, temperature screener, commercial drivers, building cleaning others, and management trainee.

8. Higher paying jobs: The fastest-growing jobs with higher demands are miner, nurse practitioner, and Rod Buster. Besides that, Florida has an online tool called employ Florida. It connects people to job opportunities, workforce resources, training, and new employees. You only need to register and start searching for employment or vacancies.

9. Good climate: The climate in this state is mostly shiny thus it is referred to as the sunshine state. Its natural resources are reflected in the type of climate. It experiences long, warm, humid, and thunderstorms during summers. The rainy season begins from May to October. Venice climate is favorable for growing crops such as oranges and grapes on your kitchen farm.

10. Quality education: Venice has good public and private schools. Also, there are higher institutions like the quality of education is at 29 on the national level. Besides, the state has a shortage of teachers and this is a good opportunity for teachers to get employed.

11. Lacks snow: Florida experiences a subtropical climate and low latitude throughout most of the years. This type of temperature does not support snowfall. The last snowfall in Florida happened in 1977. Snow is tough on roads seeing that it may roads to be less effective by blocking sidewalks and roads. Furthermore, it destroys trees and makes structures to fall on buildings. Therefore, power outages mostly occur during snowfall. Lastly, wind chills can be dangerous and lead to hypothermia, injuries, death, or frostbite. You need to consider moving to Venice if you detest cold weather.



1. Traffic: Traffic has made Venice Florida be expensive due to population growth. Many people are moving to Venice and this generates more vehicles. The city has many cars which increase wear and tear on the road. Moreover, it makes the user spend more money on fuel.

2. Bugs: The climate in this state supports many species of bugs. These include mosquitoes, ants, termites, cockroaches, and sandflies. Insects are attracted to warm and humid places. Keep bugs away by sealing walls, seal snacks, and use door sweeps.

3. Minimal transport: Public transportation is minimal in Venice. Even though there are buses, they are no enough for the population.

4. The high cost of living: Many people are moving in the state thus it has higher costs of living. Furthermore, it attracts most tourists who affect the economy.

5. Crowd: Overpopulation has become a major problem in most cities including Venice. Most people argue that the state has become a problem to live in the past 5 years. Research shows that Florida can overtake New York in the size of the population. In 2020, it is the third populous in the United States.

6. Lacks four seasons: You will not get summer-fall, spring, and winter.

7. Flat: You cannot access hiking places like hill, valley, and mountains because it is flat. This makes driving to be wearisome.

8. Too much heat: Florida is not ideal if you do not like hot weather. The surrounding water bodies make it to receive more hits,s especially during summer. You will sweat even when driving or sitting in shade.

9. Bad weather: It can rain heavily making thunderstorms to destroy electricity.

10. Many tourists: Florida records the highest number of tourists.

11. Terrible drivers: The place has good roads but drivers are not well qualified.

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