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Pros and Cons of Living in Finland

If you’re planning to move to Finland, there are many reasons why you should fall in love with the country. The autumn color galore makes the country very beautiful. Here are the pros and cons of living in Finland.



1. Quality education system: The education system is free and of high quality. Teachers are well trained to deliver the best. The municipality arranges for transportation to students who live more than 5kms from the school.

2. High employment rate: The employment rate is very with only 9% without jobs. The employees also earn a high salary with an average salary of 45000 euros in a given year.

3. Low levels of pollution: All Finland people work on the conservation of the environment. This helps in the preservation of the environment and ensures there is no pollution.

4. Fewer levels of corruption: Due to a few cases of corruption, the economic growth of the country has been on the rise.

5. Beautiful scenery: Finland has beautiful areas like crystal blue waters, plenty of mountains, and forests. Other recreation activities include biking, swimming, hiking are available for those who love outdoor activities.

6. Hot Sauna: When in Finland, a Sauna will be part of you. The hot sauna will provide you with relaxation benefits. If you love sports, you can join ski jumping events and hockey sports. This will leave you fresh and smile all day.

7. Northern lights: Northern lights are common during winter. This is a tourist attraction site as many people come to view them.

8. World-class shopping: Finland has the best shopping opportunities in the world. People across the world visit various neighborhoods to experience the stylish, luxury and pampered design in Finland’s culture.

9. Long summer days: During these periods the sun can stay up to 3 am giving you long periods of daylight than night.

10. Safe: Finland is peaceful and has few crime rates. Many people move there to enjoy a quiet environment.



1. High cost: Everything in Finland is sold at a higher price ranging from food, clothing, housing, and even public transport.

2. Finland Language: Although most people speak English, foreigners find it difficult to learn Finland’s language.

3. Cold weather: The climate there is very cold. During winter you can experience temperatures of up to 300C and more darkness. Sunrises in the midmorning and sets in the early afternoon.

4. Bureaucracy: Just like other countries in Europe, there is a lot of red tapes that make it difficult for people to acquire a license and long procedures when seeking government services.

5. Expensive restaurants: To eat in a restaurant is very expensive compared to other areas.

6Difficult for foreign firms to grow: In Finland, it is difficult for foreign businesses to thrive in the local market since established businesses and labor unions exercise influence on the government and municipal officials. Competition within the local market is divided among the major market players.

7. Unlively culture: Old people are very conservative and unsocial whereas the younger generation is very open-minded. Most people are very alcoholic.

8. Low self-esteem: Finland nation has low self-esteem based on their attitude when handling some matters. Most of the people have negative habits about the countries achievements.

9. Alcoholic: Over the years the country has been battling the levels of alcohol consumption and depression of people.

10. Depression: Finland is known as the most depressed nation in the world especially during autumn which is cold, wet, and rains every day.

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