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Pros and cons of living in Tennessee

If you have been saving for relocation, then I think you have considered Tennessee. Moving here is a good option for your savings. Though, before you make such a decision you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of living in Tennessee. You have certainly come across statements such as ”Tennessee is the second cheapest state to live in”, If this is what you want, then verse yourself with the below pros and cons.



1. It has a beautiful landscape-Honest resident will always tell you that Tennessee is the most beautiful place to live in the US. If you have visited this place, it’s easy to notice that this place has a beautiful landscape.

2. Party Life-Tennessee is one of the most entertaining places to live in the US. There are many music festivals and events in the cities. If you are the kind of person that loves festivals, then move here.

3. The food is amazing-Tennessee is very famous for its food. This is because there are many famous hotels and restaurants. The state will allow you to have famous southern foods and drinks daily.

4. The weather is amazing-you probably wants a place with warm weather and fewer instances of rain and winter. If yes, then move to Tennessee. The summers are humid and warm.

5. No personal income tax-This is good news for people trying to reduce their cost of living. It’s also perfect for people that want to discover cheaper states to live.

6. It’s hard to ignore the whiskey-you can purchase whiskey at any time of the day. You will discover Tennessee whiskey. The whiskey is made using high-quality labels. Talk about Jack Daniels and other amazing whiskeys.

7. Literature has a home here-This state is known for music but literature has also found its way here. This state is also the birthplace for some famous writers. Some of these writers include Alex Haley and James Agee.

8. Tour numerous historic sites– Living in this place makes you feel like a tourist throughout your life. There are some famous historic sites such as Elvis Presley.

9. Enjoy road trips-You can just wake up one day and decide to take a road trip to Dollywood. It’s a fun experience for the people that are interested in the songs of Dolly Parton.

10. Tennessee promise program-living here allows you to take advantage of the Tennessee Promise program. This program allows a child to graduate from high school and attends a local community college. The parents will not have to pay for anything.



1. Summers can be brutal-For people that love summertime temperatures and people that want to take enjoy their summertime easily, then this place may not be the best for you.

2. The Barbecue is not for the fair hearted-the Tennessee barbecue is available to wet or dry. Though, you will realize that most folks use a spicy dry rub on the ribs. You will also easily notice that the same spice combinations may not be the best for you.

3. It takes time to make new friends-For social folks that want to move on and make new friends easily, it may be hard here.

4. The growth levels in the state can be challenging-The cities in this state are growing fast enough, for that reason; you can be facing some issues with traffic and congestion.

5. The weather can be severe sometimes-Tennessee lies in the lowest of Midwest cold fronts where storms are serious. You should be ready to deal with the severe occasional tornados and storms.

6. Gang violence in some neighborhood-Tennessee is safe but there are some changes you would land into trouble in some neighbourhoods. Talk about the Vice Lords, the Bloods, SUR-13, and Aryan Nation being the most insecure neighbourhoods.

7. Multiple nuclear power plants-there are three nuclear plants operated by TVA and they are capable of generating 7,8000 megawatts every day. There are risks of an accident every day especially if you are living near these places.

8. Driving is a way of life here- people here drive some big SUVs. This means you will not find it easy to walk on the streets or even find some people to walk around with. You have the option of taking an Uber or a taxi.

9. Fewer opportunities to make money-In Tennessee, there are fewer chances of making money. However, if you land a good job you will end up getting about $51,000 every year.

10. An overabundance of the country music-This state is for the country music lovers. If you want to have some hip-hop moments, you may not find Tennessee as a good option.

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