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Pros and Cons of Living in New Mexico

New Mexico is a state in the southwestern region of the united states of America. It is a capital and cultural center of Santa Fe.  It is a state where one in every ten local residents is an immigrant and 70% of these people arrive in the state from Mexico.

The state is also referred to as a state with colorful history and centuries older than the country. It is part of New Mexico with more than just UFO sightings to offer.

New Mexico is one of the mountain states and shares the four corners of region with Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. Its other neighboring states are Oklahoma to the northeast, to the east southeast and the Mexican states of Chihuahua to the south and Sonora to the southwest.



1. Cost of education. The average cost of in-state tuition is $181 making it one of the lowest in the country. If you are thinking about going back to school this could be the best state to consider and your wallet will thank you later.

2. Natural beauty. The landscape in New Mexico is breath-taking. Many people like it unlike anything else in the US. Perhaps that’s why it is the backdrop of potential OFO sightings for decades.

3. History and culture. From the oldest established city in the US to the wide variety of flavors represented in its cities. This city is the OG of southwestern charm and diversity.

4. Cost of living. New Mexico is rather an affordable state to live in it is one of the few states where the cost of living index is lower than the average national index. The overall index is 4% lower than the average one and the main factors in this are the cost of food and groceries as well as healthcare and transportation

5. Home prices. New Mexico can boast as one of the lowest prices for homes as their median price is 5% cheaper than the national one.

6. Unique culture and traditions. It is one of the states with a long history and rather a diverse ethnicity in addition to the Native Americans tribe and residents, there is a variety of Latinos and Hispanic population.

7. Warm climate. The climate in this state is mild and continental local residents can feel all the four seasons, enjoy warm and sunny weather in summer and snowfalls in winter.

8. Long history; New Mexico is a state with a long history and it is possible to find here many ties with Native American tribes Santa Fe is considered to be the oldest continually inhabited US city .also believed to be the origin of the Cowboys.

Great entertainment and recreation; it is difficult to find another city that offers such a great variety of entertainment and activities climate and landscape make this state a Mecca for people who enjoy resting outdoors.

10. Its beautiful nature; It does have the various beautiful landscape you can start your journey in the desert and in a couple of hours appear in the mountain.



1. Low-quality education; The state has been even accused of violating the constitutional rights of students not providing them with sufficient education.

2. Diversity of ethnicity; This state is considered to have one of the most diverse ethnic groups in the USA only in Santa Fe there is over 70 ethnicity living in the city.

3. Job opportunities; Despite that many different industries are well developed in the state it is not easy to find a well-paying job .the unemployment rate is very high.

4. Bad traffic and roads; it is in the list of the states with the poorest condition of rural roads many bridges also in the New Mexico are in the worst state.

5. Higher crime rate; The state as a lot of violent crime rate of which it cannot be considered as the best place to live the percentage of the violent crimes per 100 residents is 7.83% while the national one is 4%.

6. By and large, everyone gets along; however I have witnessed and I’ve listened to the racial tension between the native community and the whites .this goes so far back in history it ingrained.

7. A low literacy rate overall in the state; 46%of the NM adults struggle at a level 1-2 literacy rate on a scale of 5.

8. High poverty rate;  due to that the state as low education and fewer job opportunities the state has a high rate of poverty

9. Low living standards; due to there are high poverty rate then the people if New Mexico living standards are very low.

10. Requires one to learn Spanish. For a person to live in New Mexico one has to learn Spanish or English.

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