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Pros and Cons of living in Oregon

Oregon is a city that is located between Washington state and the California state in America. Oregon is the fast city in America. This is due to its numerous sceneries, adequate rainfall, among other recreational facilities. If you’re planning to relocate to Oregon City, here are some of the pros and cons that you are likely to come across.

Pros of living in Oregon

1. No state sales tax. Unlike other states across America, the purchase and sales tax in Oregon is zero percent. The Oregon state places a tax on another source of income instead of taxing purchases and sales. By doing so, the living standard in Oregon is lowered as the cost of many goods is as you see on the shelves (no added cost). However, vehicles brought into the State from other states are taxed before the registration number is issued.

2. Conducive Environment. There’s a conducive working environment in Oregon State. The Governor of the State has put into place various rules and regulations that are geared towards ensuring the city is clean. Oregon has put in place numerous measures that are used to curb and reduce emissions within the State. The buildings in this State are environmentally friendly, and this helps to beautify the State.

3. Favorable weather. Oregon has favorable climatic conditions. That is, it has a mild type of weather (not too hot or too cold). Unlike other states that experience extremes of high or low temperatures, in Oregon, all seasons of weather are experienced. Therefore, the State has a nice weather pattern throughout the year.

4. Home of cyclists. Oregon State has numerous biking lanes, and therefore its citizens have plenty of opportunities and a spacious environment to ride their bikes. Also, the State allows the formation of movements that encourage the use of bikes. Thus, the transportation cost is cut down as commuters can use their bicycles and bike to go to their workplaces.

5. Beautiful coastlines. Oregon State is found on the right-side of the ocean, and thus you can enjoy and explore its coastline. Some of the best beaches in America are found in Oregon State. Due to its strategic position along the ocean, fresh seafood and other water animals are readily available. Thus, since the State has a direct link to seafood and animals also indicates that they are cheaper to buy as compared to other inland states.

6. Home of wineries. Grapes are the flowers that dominate the State. Being the home of grapes, Oregon has numerous wineries. Oregon is ranked as the 4th most wine-producing city in America. Relocating to Oregon State, you’re guaranteed you’ll never be thirsty.

7. Easy voting system. Having a mail-in-voting system, it is pretty easier to vote in Oregon as compared to other states. With a mail-in-voting system, you don’t have to wait in the voting line for hours so that you can cast your vote. But instead, the State has implemented a voting system that allows Oregonians to vote from their homes.

8. Rich in Agriculture. By having rich farmlands, the State can provide plenty and fresh foods to its citizens. The climate of Oregon promotes the growth of various crops, and thus there’s a near source of foods. Also, due to this, there’s a rise in farmers’ markets and living standards. Some of the crops grown include peas, potatoes, grapes, apples, cabbages, among others.

9. Entertainment theaters. If you like relational facilities, then Oregon is the place for you. Oregon has numerous numbers of theaters that are rich in culture and entertainment scenes (For example, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival).

10. Stunning Landscape. Oregon has numberless physical features that are likely to attract your attention. This State has several lakes, rivers, and mountains that improve its natural setting.

Cons of living in Oregon

1. High cost of living. The cost of living in Oregon is higher as compared to other states in America. Due to the high growth rate of this State, everything in it is pretty high. You need to be employed to afford to live in this State. Therefore, you need to be financially stable before thinking of living here.

2. Increased crime rate. Just like other cities, Oregon State is idyllic, and therefore there are a high number of crimes. Many people are unemployed. Thus they involve themselves in criminal activities to earn a living.

3. Increased Income Tax. As discussed earlier, the purchase and sales tax in Oregon is zero percent. Therefore, the State recovers from high-income taxes. In other states in America, you will pay less income tax since there are other sources of income. In Oregon, income tax ranges from 6% to 10%.

4. No professional sports. In case you are a fan of any professional sport, then Oregon is not the best city for you. This city has limited access to professional games like football, netball, etc. If you’re a great fan of these sports, you’ll need to head to other states in America like California.

5. Low level of education. The level of education in Oregon is not that great as compared to other states in America. There are fewer universities and quality institutions here. So, if you want your kids to have quality education, you have to transfer them to other institutions outside this State.

6. Natural calamities. Oregon is situated along the coastline, and therefore it is prone to natural calamities. Some of the natural calamities that are frequently experienced by people living in Oregon include earthquakes and Tsunami.

7. Traffic congestions. Gridlocked traffic is one of the major challenges experienced by people living in Oregon State. Despite the State having many people, it has a limited number of roadways that are used to link various towns. Due to the limited number of roadways, there’s nightmare traffic.

8. Gas stations issue. The leadership of Oregon State doesn’t allow an individual to pump their gas. Therefore people end up wasting most of their time queuing at busy filling stations.

9. Plenty of Rainfall. Plenty of rainfall can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. As a resident of Oregon, you may experience many rain-related problems such as flooding.

10. High population. Many people live here in Oregon, and therefore the population of the State is likely to be higher. The high population in the State gives birth to crime-related activities.

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