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Pros and Cons of Living in Nunavut

Nunavut is one of the concentrated and developed cities in Canada. Once you move to the area, you will interact with people from different cultures and experience a new way of life. The place has beautiful places to visit and various benefits although it has its downside. Before shifting there you should look for its pros and cons.



1. Health and education support: The Canadian government supports the health and education system in the country. Nunavut supports the department of education by providing financial support to post-secondary education and college students.

2. Wide exposure: The government of Nunavut ensures all the citizens are exposed to a wide range of opportunities and experiences. The government structure is horizontal compared to other governments

3. Recreational activities: People in the area rely on fishing and hunting activities. This is used to supplement the importation of food products allowing people to consume local products

4. Promotion of Inuktitut: The government included Inuktituk in the education system for all Nunavut citizens and also offer financial support for aboriginal education.

5. Economy: Nunavut is one of Canada’s youngest and fastest-growing communities and attracts more investors to the area. The mining, communication, fishing, and tourism services boost the economy in the area.

6. Friendly neighborhood: The people in the community are very friendly with various social events organized at the center of the town. This makes the area home to diverse cultures.

7. Sports: If you like outdoor activities, then Nunavut is the place to be. There are sports activities like playing hockey, snowmobile, and curling during winter. Other outdoor activities include fishing, kayaking, and hiking.

8. Internet Accessibility: There is fast internet speed access in the area. The 3G wireless network ensures everyone is connected through their wireless devices.

9. Dancing: The northern people of Nunavut like dancing, every community has its own style of square dancing and throat singing.

10. Peaceful communities: Due to the cultural heritage in the area, people are involved in community activities and this promotes peace among the communities. There is also low crime rates in the area.



1. Expensive: The cost of living in Nunavut is very high; the housing, food, fuel, and other utility costs are very high. Everything is more expensive compared to other places.

2. High turnover rate: Most people in the community are semi-skilled and those who come here from the southern part tend not to stay thus increasing the employee turnover rate.

3. Natural resources: There are untapped natural resources in the area.
Mining activities in the area may lead to environmental disruption and cause death to human life.

4. Poorly drained low lands: There are poorly drained lowlands in the Nunavut community.

5. Climate: During winter, it is very cold with temperatures dropping up to -220 F compared to other communities. The winter extends up to 9 months making the place extremely cold most of the time.

6Unemployment rate: The unemployment rate in Nunavut is higher compared to that of entire Canada. Although there are a lot of government jobs especially in health, education, and administration, more people are semi-skilled and thus migrants move to the area looking for highly paid jobs.

7Control: The federal government of Nunavut controls all natural resources and administers them. They also have a single-level trial court for all citizens.

8. No roads: There are poor means of road transport in the area. They use air transport for 20km and above otherwise boats, snowmobiles, or school buses are used to get to the city.

9. High taxes: The commodities are highly taxed and the federal government collects heavy taxes on income, consumption, and also on property taxes.

10. Young generation: Nunavut has the largest percentage of young people compared to the rest of Canada. A third of the population is younger than 15 years.

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