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Pros and Cons of Living in Whitehorse, Canada

Whitehorse is a nice place to live in compared to other cities in Canada. It has better winter sports and many other places near the Whitehorse you can visit. Whitehorse makes you feel at home with unique benefits to those who migrate to live in the place. It also has its downside you should consider before moving there.



1. Friendly people: People in Whitehorse are very friendly and willing to help each other. The small population of people makes it easy to interact with open-minded people in the community.

2. Healthcare: There are decent health care facilities in the area with a specialist who visits once every few months. There are wellness centers and running tracks to keep people active and healthy.

3. Free education: The education system is well-funded by the government and they offer BC curriculum to all the students. There are no private institutions.

4. Employment: There are several government jobs available to the people in the community with fair salaries. Workers are given living allowances and other benefits.

5. Sports: There are amazing opportunities during winter. You can go skiing, fishing, hunting or even snowmobiling. Weather changes are very constant with a variety of outdoor activities to do in winter and summer.

6. Attraction sites: Whitehorse is known for its entertainment and cultural sceneries. The city holds festivals and other events throughout the year. There are cultural centers, art galleries, and waterfront trails within a walking distance of the city.

7. Amenities: The Whitehorse has several amenities like those found in the major city. There are a number of stores and industrial supply shops.

8. Transport: There is a modern airport with three airlines operating in the major Canadian cities and Europe. There are city bus services and taxes for the people in the area.

9. Quality life: Whitehorse is one of the peaceful and safe environments to raise your family. It has a magnificent landscape and a healthy lifestyle for people living across the small town.

10. Low crime rates: The crime rates in the area are very low with few theft cases just like any other city. Be assured to safely walk in the neighborhood.



1. Weak e-commerce: When you move to Whitehorse be prepared to do a lot of online shopping and slow delivery of purchased items. There are also small boutique stores with fancy items.

2. Short days: There are long days in summer and short days in winter with a lot of darkness. Short days can have effects on people.

3. Expensive housing: Renting or buying an apartment is very expensive and difficult to find especially with a pet. There are also high levels of heating expenses.

4. Climate: It is very cold during the winter with temperatures ranging from -400C in winter to *340C in summer. If you need any outdoor activity during winter, then you need snowsuits.

5. High standards of living: The standards of living in the area are very high in the cost of groceries and other foodstuffs.

6. Storms: Whitehorse is often hit by an unusual summer storm, flooding a lot of lightning.

7Transportation: Transportation can be very disappointing especially if you rely on public vehicles. The buses move with schedules. The fares are also very high especially if you request a tax.

8. Government jobs: Many jobs in the area are related to government administration and if you don’t have the right skills, you may find it difficult to find a job in the area.

9. Environmental pollution: Green gases from geothermal power plants cause climate change and air pollution.

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  1. John Vandenberg

    Re #8 – False – Income taxes in Yukon are some of the lowest in Canada.

    1. admin

      Thank you John, I have deleted it.

  2. Marc

    #2 cons. It should say long days in summer and short days in winter

    1. admin

      Thank you, corrected.

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