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Pros and cons of living in Spokane WA

Spokane city, Washington is found in a scenic locale. From Spokane, you can go to the west of pacific or Washington wilds or east to Idaho and Rockies. Be curious to listen to locals and determine the positive and negative sides. Here are the pros and cons of living in Spokane WA.



1. Many colleges: Community believes that higher education is a vital factor for improving the economy. Spokane is great with several colleges for instance Whitworth, Gonzaga, Spokane CC, and Washington State Univ-Spokane. Also, medical students can join the WSU nursing program. North Idaho College and Eastern Washington are also near. I would recommend living in Spokane is good for college students.

2. Recreation activities: Recreating is common in Spokane with lots of fishing and kayaking. There are many lakes and you can participate in skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. Besides, water bodies, Mount Spokane are located 28 minutes from downtown. It has a base of 4200 and 5889 top. 20 minutes from downtown, you can feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

3. Cultural attractions: Spokane has a range of cultural and art attractions, for example, the Northwest Museum of arts and culture. It has an interesting cultural history, art exhibits, and Native American heritage. Also, it has a Campbell house that dates back to the 1900s.

4. Great wildlife: Spokane is great for the wildlife enthusiast. There are animals such as cougar, elk, deer, bear, wolves, and moose. You can decide to go hunting or just take a camera.

5. Affordable city: The city is affordable to other western cities. Find the prices of houses or rental and living costs that will fit your budget before going. A stable job or decent income will raise your child. You can get beer and wine at cheap prices.

6. No traffic jams: Traffic congestion has become a major problem in developed countries and major cities. Spokane has no traffic jam and if it occurs, it is not bad like other cities such as New York. You will be sure of saving time when commuting to places. Besides saving time, you will save fuel costs spend on the road.

7. Friendly people: People here are somehow friendly especially after they learn you moved in recently. The people around are nice and you will not experience problems. They are easy-going, polite, and down to earth.

8. Festivals: The city holds events and festivals such as Bloom’s day, Hoop Fest, and aging entertainment talent. In addition to that, there are classical and popular music theaters and venues.

9. Amenities: Spokane is well situated with plenty of grocery stores and shopping malls. The prices are budget-friendly thus it will fit your budget.



1. High crime rate: Just like any other city in the world, Spokane has high crime rates including theft and vandalism. It is ranked as the 2nd highest crime city in the state after Tukwila. Further, it has vagrants and homeless.

2. No diverse economy: The city has no diverse economy. There are tech industries that pay high. Healthcare is the most paying job.

3. Drug issues: Spokane has similar drug issues like other westernized cities. There are drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and meth.

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