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Pros and Cons of Conservatism

Conservatism involves political ideologies that advocate for a strong national defense, limited government control, and a free economic market. Conservatism shows one’s commitment to traditional values and opposition to change or innovation.
It emphasizes more on personal responsibility for government intervention involving social amenities, and social justice.

The government’s main goal is to protect the country against foreign enemies and also protect individual liberties. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of conservatism.



1. Freedom: The ideology of conservatives is individual freedom; freedom of speech, freedom to worship as you wish, freedom to own property, and freedom to live without the fear of government oppression.

2. Maintain traditional values: Conservatism ensures traditional values in society are being protected. It emphasizes more on the values of traditional institutions and their practices.

3. Economic growth: It contributes to steady economic growth. Conservatives use social issues as a way to mask the economic objectives of the country.

4. Leads to a strong national defense: Conservatives support rules that protect the welfare of the country. People love the orders that dominate them and are willing to defend their country from the enemies.

5. Free market: Conservatism involves holding some political views and beliefs that support free enterprise through free trade zones or reduction of taxes.

6. Low taxation: Conservatism has led to a reduction of taxes and getting rid of some taxes like property tax. The government takes Fiscal responsibility and this leads to low taxation and increased circulation of money among the citizens.

7. Limited government interventions: It ensures there is minimal government intervention in the economy. Conservatism supports free enterprise capitalism.

8. Private property rights: It ensures individuals have rights regarding their possession. It recognizes the right for a legal person to have peaceful enjoyment of his possessions. Private property should not be used to secure payment of taxes.

9. Gradual change: It promotes gradual change instead of radical change among individuals. Conservatives believe any change needs to be introduced in small stages rather than suddenly.

10. Maintaining the status quo: Being conservative means the ability to preserve the way things are at the moment and if there is any change needed, it has to come from individuals. The government should not enforce the change.



1. Economic collapse: If income from tax is not replaced, the government will not have enough financial buffer making the country vulnerable to economic collapse.

2. Deficit: Government raises money through taxation and if they reduce or end taxes being paid this may limit the government from offering services like security, education, transport, and health facilities.

3. Racism: In the past, conservatism leads to a lot of status quo and slavery. The government had to step in to end slavery and racism among the conservatives.

4. Sexism: Under conservatism, many women were denied opportunities in the workplace, political offices, and education. They also had no powers on sexual assault.

5. Environmental effects: In the past, many conservatives were against the regulation of CFCs by the government in order to end the destruction of the ozone because they thought it will affect the economy.

6. Resistance: Any change by the government was met by a lot of resistance from individuals due to fear of the unknown. They oppose modernism and seek a return to traditional values.

7. Embraces traditions: Conservatism embraces concrete traditions which may not be implemented in the modern world. The traditions have no place in the modern world.

8. Immoral behaviors: Freedom to do as you wish may result in moral decay since you’re free to do what you please without any government interference.

9. Inequality: Lack of government interference on prices, wages, and rent rates among other economic activities can result in inequality.

10. Operate indirectly: Conservative influences operate indirectly and most of the time may result in bias. It is incompatible with democracy and civilization.

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  1. Lou Jocko

    What lies you tell! What party ended slavery? It was the Republicans and the Democratic Party wanted to keep the status quo and did not want to change because of economic reasons. The KKK is a democratic leaning organization and not a Republican. This just proves my point that Google is a Left leaning company that will promote the fake news and lies in order to Stop Trump. This is why I don’t use Google! Google is an off shore company that pays no federal income taxes and President Obama knew this and said nothing and allowed Google to operate in the USA within paying their fair share of taxes. By reading the Cons of conservatism which Google put at the top of search list it has proven that government needs to step in and control these unfair left leaning companies that lie about real conservative policies! President Lincoln was a Republican! So why do you lie about who ended slavery and racism? The democratic south thought the civil rights movement as hard as they could and very upset with President Kennedy and Johnson for promoting and signing in to lock the civil rights movement in the 1960’s

    1. The new liberal

      In answering you have shown almost all of the (erroneous) conservative assumptions.

      1. Claiming that those you disagree with are operating with false propaganda.
      2. Shifting blame for everything to those you disagree with.
      3. Claiming a conspiracy where none exists.

    2. Get over yourself

      if you haven’t noticed, this is a pro con website. Also ever heard of the party switch? The values shared by the Republican party then are not shared by the Republican party now. The fact that you are relying on a good deed your party did more than a century ago really shows how desperate you guys are for just a sliver of good in history.

  2. Private

    This is quite ridiculous. To say that Conservatism is incompatible with democracy and civilization? Horribly wrong!

    FYI Conservatism promotes collectivism, as in “the common good”. Not individualism.

  3. no one

    im in school doing work in global thx

  4. Candace

    All of the above (in the comments) are what is true.

  5. Big C

    I hate the libtards

  6. Tom

    this list is fascinating in that almost non of the pro positions are true while all of the con positions are true. reality has a liberal bias is more than just a saying. We are not at the end of history

  7. Conservatism will save the world

    All of the cons are nonsense.

    It’s the lies promoted by the left.

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