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Pros and Cons of Computer Science

Computer science focuses on computers, computing, theoretical and practical applications. It combines engineering, mathematics, and logic to several functions. Moreover, it includes software and hardware development, algorithm formulation, and artificial intelligence. Current changes in engineering and technology make computer science ideal for solving problems today and possibly in the future. Computer science is a great career choice if you want to change the world. You get to have a good-paying job and get to invent and come up with new ideas that can change the world to a better place.

Pros of computer science

1. A variety of fields to specialize in: Computer science has many career options to choose from. The career options include forensic computer analyst, cyber security analyst, application developer, application analyst, game developer, software engineer, web developer, etc.

2. High-paying Jobs: Computer science jobs pay handsomely. An example is a computer engineer who earns not less than $1000 per month. With a high salary, one can enjoy financial security

3. Invention and innovation: Technology has always been a great contributor to invention and innovation. Whether climate change, increased demand for housing, medical needs, and the development of vaccines, computer science plays a major role in solving them. IT specialists come up with new ideas that help solve challenges people face across the globe.

4. Flexible working hours: The normal working hours range between 8 am to 5 pm. IT specialists tend to defy these hours. They use a flexible schedule that allows them to work from home. They do go to the office sometimes but not at all times.

5. Enhances equitability: Computer science can be a tool for societal rebalance about gender identity, background, ethnicity, and beyond—some of the computer programs run by the same code Of requirements.

6. Revolution in health care: Advancement in technology has greatly developed medicine. It has enabled the development of better equipment to diagnose and treat diseases.

7. Reforms in communication: Technology has greatly transformed communication. People can now communicate easily and faster through video calls and chat apps like Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. Apart from communication, these social media channels have opened job opportunities. People can apply for jobs advertised by corporates.

8. Predicting and avoiding catastrophe: Computer science can help obtain and analyze data based on research to evade calamities such as landslides, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and floods. Technology is the best analytic tool and outperforms humans at a great range.

9. A better world: Computer science has a great impact on communication, medicine, production industry, weather forecast, among many others. New ideas to solve our problems will always be possible with computer science making the world a better place to live.

10. Increased production: Technology makes work easier as computers are faster and more accurate. They can be programmed to do several tasks simultaneously, therefore boosting production.

11. Performance of tasks that are high risk: Computer science has enabled the enhancement of artificial intelligence, which has helped greatly to perform tasks that are of high risk, therefore, can’t be done by humans. With the development of artificial intelligence, we can explore space, explore the deepest parts of the ocean, and diffuse bombs.

12. Accuracy: Programming has enabled the development of artificial intelligence, which has helped greatly lower the percentage of error in workplaces. Accuracy enables weather and climate prediction, financial analysis, product analysis among many others. Tasks are performed with great precision and at a faster rate.

Cons of computer science

1. Long working hours: Computer programming and coding requires more time. You get to work for longer periods, which could affect your health.

2. Health risks and problems: IT specialists normally risk increased blood pressure and obesity due to long sitting hours. Also, working on the computer for long hours results in eye strains, headache, wrist pain, and backaches.

3. Cybercrimes and fraud: Computers and technology can be great if used for a good purpose. However, some people may use it to gain access to credit cards and bank accounts or to obtain information for financial gain.

4. Overdependence on technology: Technology and computers are great for work to be done accurately and faster. However, we can become more reliant on them to perform some tasks we could have done.

5. Lose of jobs: Computer science contributes greatly to the loss of jobs as artificial intelligence has taken control over most tasks performed by humans. Robots can work for longer hours without tiring or complaining. So, why have so many people at that much cost who work for fewer hours ?.

6. Lack of privacy: With increased cybercrimes, one is at risk of losing personal information to the wrong people instead of the traditional way of data storage that involves paperwork.

7. Increased environmental waste: When computer programs crash and are no longer used, they get dumped in the environment. Computer manufacturing causes the production of wastes released into the environment causing harmful effects.

8. Pressure: With computer science, you will be under constant pressure always to deliver results and come up with something exciting. You may find yourself working extra hours to find the solutions faster.

9. False information: With the internet becoming popular in the 20th and 21st centuries, obtaining information has been necessary. The internet offers vast storage of information. However, not everything you search for is true. Some sites could spread lies and aren’t trusted to give information.

10. Requires commitment: Computer science requires one to be knowledgeable and always keep up with the latest information. It requires critical thinking skills and problem solvers. Especially if you are not into mathematics and analytical thinking, it would be a tough career choice.

11. High costs: The development of programs and algorithms is very expensive. Purchasing computers and additional equipment could be quite a fortune to even larger organizations that run the development of the program. Running the machinery and maintaining them could be of high cost. Some machinery could be that complex to repair, making one purchase another, leading to unplanned costs.

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