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Pros and cons of electronic gadgets

Since the introduction of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and portable music players, people’s lives have been greatly simplified thanks to the services that these devices offer. Regardless of the effects of these items, life has become much easier and people are free and able to do business on the go. We highlight some of the pros and cons of electronic gadgets.



1. Enabling lifestyle: Electronic gadgets are also known as lifestyle enablers. Things such as phones and computers have made business quite easy. People can now contact their friends while they are miles away and can reply to an email and even sign a document outside of the office.

2. Business and work: Electronic gadgets have made business and work quite easy. Phones have access to the internet, laptops can store huge amounts of data, and so on. This has made it easy for people to do business and work even when they are not within the office confines.

3. Enhanced communication: It is much easier to communicate with people even when they are very far off. Mobile phones provide various communication platforms such as WhatsApp and even Facebook where people can instantly get feedback.

4. Promotes learning: It is easier to access information and education through these Electronic gadgets. A tablet can offer a platform for people to access online content and even sit their examinations.

5. Speeds up work: Electronic gadgets have a way of expediting work. People no longer have to wait for their bosses to come to the office and sign documents when they can be signed electronically.

6. Helps to simulate imagination: Electronic gadgets being the greatest source of information have also played an important role in stimulating imagination among people.

7. Improves cognitive learning: Electronic gadgets improve cognitive learning through such things as games and other features that are found in these gadgets.

8. Low cost: Electronic gadgets costs lower than other items which make them accessible to almost everyone. This also helps in facilitating the flow of information among people.

9. Immediate feedback: Electronic gadgets offer immediate feedback when communicating. This means that one does not need to wait for a long time before they can access feedback on their information.

10. Improves global cooperation: Electronic gadgets have also reduced the world into a global village where everyone can access anything that is provided in any part of the world.


1. Health concerns: There are some health hazards that are associated with these Electronic gadgets such as heart conditions and many more. In this case, it may become fatal to continuously use these gadgets.

2. Environmental impact: Waste management in the cases of Electronic gadgets is a nightmare in almost all jurisdictions. This is because it becomes quite difficult to effectively dispose of the waste arising from gadgets.

3. Causes addiction: Some people get easily addicted to their gadgets to the point where they may not be able to properly function without the gadgets.

4. Loss of creativity: Electronic gadgets have resulted in the loss of creativity especially among the youth. They depend on these gadgets to do almost all the functions of their daily lives.

5. Time management issues: It has become an issue of concern for people who rely solely on their gadgets. People no longer know how to manage their time well as they spend half of that time on their gadgets.

6. Loss of concentration: Electronic gadgets take away most of the concentration in people. It becomes difficult for people to pay attention to anything as long as they have their electronic gadgets with them.

7. They are expensive: Some of the electronic gadgets cost an arm and a leg to acquire. It may become very expensive to buy them and the money may have been used to buy something else.

8. They are unnecessary: Some of the electronic gadgets are basically unnecessary to have. They just fill up your space and consume most of your time.

9. They require electricity: Almost all gadgets require electricity to power them.

10. They must be connected to the internet: If there is no internet connection, most of the gadgets may be useless as they may not offer many services.

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