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Pros and Cons of IPhone 7

iPhone 7 is Apple smartphone announced in September 2016. It is one of the best phones recommended in the market today.

The buyer has to look for the various properties and features before buying the phone. The key features of iPhone 7 include; a spectacular processor, a stunning camera a great operating system and a much-improved battery life. It rightfully earns our accolades.

The iPhone has a 2GB of RAM in conjunction with the iOS 10s optimizations are more than enough to keep things snappy. It also has a sizeable increase in internal storage.

iPhone models start at 32 GB, but they jump up to 128GB at the next storage tier and top out at 256 GB.



1. It is the best battery life of any iPhone; the iPhone 7 has the best battery life of any iPhone that dates it.

It is a huge deal or a preferable feature, especially with a lot of iPhone owners. Initially, they were complaining about the battery life of the phone; that it was not lasting for some time.

2. New wireless headphones; Apple has designed tinny or small wireless headphones for use with iPhone 7. This shows that the apple has introduced this property hence making it so unique in the market.

3. Better smart and clear Camera; the advanced and upgraded camera of iPhone 7 capture clear pictures compared to the other phones in the market. This helps the generation that loves taking photos.

4. More storage; The iPhone 7 has internal storage of  32GB. This storage capacity is highly recommendable and the user can never run out of the storage space even after having many things stored on the phone.

5. Splash water and dust Resistant; the iPhone 7 is water and dust resistance. It can last even for 30minutes in the water with the height of 3feet or less. This feature makes it more durable.

6. Supports latest iOS 12; you can upgrade the phone with the latest iOS 12 hence leading to the enjoyment of the cool new features.

7. Touch ID; the apple touch ID feature enhances phone security. A user can only unlock the phone with his\her finger or the thumbs fingerprint.

8. It is faster and more efficient; this iPhone 7 is a faster phone, and it is more efficient than its previous counterparts, it does not hang in either way so the user prefers if faster.

9. The phone as a powerful dual speaker; these powerful dual speakers are better in that the user can be able to listen to the music using these two speakers.

10. Screen guide; the iPhone 7 has a screen guide that prevents the phone from breakages or scratches hence can be a preferred by all kinds of people.



1. It is expensive; the iPhone 7 is an expensive phone compared to similar phones with the same features. Competing phones with same features are sold at a cheaper price.

2. It has no memory expansion; iPhone 7 does not allow memory expansion in that it comes with a 128 GB at most and there is no expansion, therefore, a disadvantage to the customer.

3. Has no Headphone jack; this means that you cannot listen to the music while you are charging the phone. It has no 3.5mm headphone jack but apple includes wired earbuds that can be plugged into the charging jack.

4. There is the next model in the market; newer models are already in the markets which are offering better and improved features. They also have the latest chip.

5. It has no portrait Mode; this is a feature that enables your camera to automatically blurs the image background. This makes the picture more astonishing and the iPhone 7 has no such feature.

6. Its iOS 10; a lot of the customers do complain about iOS10 due to its features like the emoji’s which are similar to those of Android phone thus, causing a lot of annoyance to the iPhone users.

7. Not much is actually different; since the release of iPhone 6 there is no much that has changed from this phone, therefore, the users could also prefer to buy iPhone 6s

8. Cannot be used by the illiterate people; It is a complicated phone and cannot be used by the illiterate people who cannot be able to understand its features.

9. Not easily available; unlike other phones sold in the local shops, iPhone 7 is not easily available.

10. Counted as a loss; due to the high price of the phone, it is termed as a total loss to purchase a phone with all the money

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