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Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking

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Jailbreaking is a process used to bypass all the restrictions imposed by Apple to prevent malware and spyware viruses from infecting iOS device.

Most Apple devices only allow you to read, write and change the default settings but after jailbreaking, you can download and install other restricted apps, themes, and extensions from the Cydia App Store.

Considering whether to jailbreak or not to jailbreak? This article highlights the pros and cons of jailbreaking and reading through them can help you weigh the options.



1. Install unauthorized apps: After jailbreaking, you can install and use unauthorized apps not available in iTunes App store. There is a world of new apps and tweaks from Cydia store.

2. Customize control center: It enables you to customize the control center. Using the FlipControlCenter, you can easily switch around the connectivity toggles and bottom app shortcuts.

3. Delete pre-installed apps: iOS doesn’t allow you to delete default apps which occupy almost 2GB of memory. Jailbreaking will allow you to break the restrictions and remove the default apps as well install third-party apps as your defaults.

4. Better Anti-theft features: When an iPhone is turned off or in airplane mode, you can’t track it but jailbreaking apps can easily help you track your phone.
The iCaughtU app takes a photo of the perpetrator when they enter wrong passcode and emails the photo to the owner.

5. Free tethering: Cellular carriers include tethering as part of the high-prices plan. Jailbreaking enables you to bypass the expensive mobile network hotspot feature. It enables you to tether your devices for free thanks to the MyWi unauthorized app.

6. Sync without wires: Wi-Fi Sync feature tricks your device into believing it’s connected to a cable and let it sync with another device wirelessly.

7. Access iOS file system: After bypassing Apple restrictions, you can install Secure Shell (SSH) client in your device to let you securely move data between devices on a network. You can also pair the iPhone with your computer and fix any corrupted files in your iPhone.

8. Change wireless providers: Jailbreaking enables you to unlock your iOS device and shift from one cellular provider to another by changing the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card.

9. Fast and easy: It takes you a few minutes to jailbreak your mobile device by opening jailbreakme app via the web browser.

10. Fully reversible: You can easily reverse your jailbroken device by sync it up with your computer and use Restore iTunes feature.



1. Violation of phones warranty: Jailbreaking the iOS device interferes with the phone’s warranty and you can’t seek Apple repair services for the device.

2. Security issues: Once you jailbreak, your personal information is no longer protected and your more prone to security threats. Your phone is open to constant attacks from hackers, spyware and malware viruses.

3. No software updates: Once you bypass the restrictions, it makes your device unable to apply software updates. This may permanently crash the device when an Apple-supplied iOS update is installed.

4. Too technical: Although it is to jailbreak, you need a bit of tech knowledge to avoid failure of the jailbreaking process.    

5. Brick the phone: If jailbreaking fails, your iPhone device may brick making it completely unrecoverable without carrying out some hardware replacements. There is also a minimal chance to recover the device through the DFU mode or the iTunes store.

6. Complicated user experience: There are apps which can’t work with a jailbroken device like Skype which displays an error message your device is jailbroken.

7. Long upgrade procedure: If you want to upgrade the device, you have to remove the jailbreak, then upgrade to a new version of iOS and restore it back.

8. Affects phone stability: Since the unauthorized apps installed have not gone through Apple’s rigorous testing, downloading them may affect the stability of your iOS device.

9. Shorten battery life: Unlocking some app features may result in downloading up some ups which drain your battery and affect the battery life.

10. Affects phones performance: Jailbreaking gives you an opportunity to install too many apps and tweaks and this may decrease the phone’s performance.

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