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Pros and cons of Pop-up campers

Many campers today are considering a popup camper as a cheap alternative to trailers and small RVs. Are you one of them and wondering whether pop up campers are the right investment for you? If yes, then this brief has some information for you. We are going to inform your decision by talking about the benefits and disadvantages of popup campers.



1. Affordability-First of all, we all have to internalize the fact that popup campers are cheaper than their alternatives. If you go for used campers, you are likely to even save more.

2. Compact size and weight-Popup campers boast of a compact size and weight because they are smaller, leaner and lightweight. The fact remains that you can get a popup trailer that is as little as 800 pounds.

3. Any vehicle can tow a popup camper-This is one of the biggest benefits of a popup camper. They are available in small sizes which mean almost any type of a vehicle can tow it. For some people, even ATVs and motorcycles are a fair game in this regard. This shows that there’s no need to go out there and buy a pickup truck for this purpose.

4. Safe driving-With a lighter trailer, safe driving is easier. We all know that towing a trailer worth thousands of pounds is not an easy feat. It’s something that we all don’t want to face. The first is fish towing which is also known as jackknifing and is the main reason why they started moving independently. This risk can cause a lot of damage especially because you can push out-of-control your trailer and hit a motorist or another vehicle.

5. Running waterworks in a popup camper-with these campers, you can actually use running water and other luxuries. It’s not that you are going to get all the luxuries out there but you are at least going to have some of your basic needs met by a popup-camper.

6. Some models come with AC and heating-The fact that you are living in a camper doesn’t mean you should live without air conditioning and heating. Neither of these systems are going to be very sophisticated and you are not going to need large systems.

7. You get back to nature-It’s very hard today to immerse yourself and your family and friends completely into nature. This is because everybody is busy with their things including the kids on their smartphones and parents on technology that they don’t want to leave behind. With popup campers, it’s very easy to get completely into nature.

8. Campers can stay in your Garage-If you are a trailer owner, you don’t have to worry so much because some of these can stay in your garage. The other options might be costly so you are only supposed to keep them at your garage.

9. ‘Towability’ and storability-as indicated earlier, these campers can be towed easily by almost all types of SUVs. This means you will not have to buy an additional vehicle for that purpose. They can as well be stored with ease in your garage.

10. You can go anywhere-These campers can go literally everywhere. This is what makes them perfectly fit for book docking and over landing. This is specifically because they are easy to haul and they can fit almost in any spaces.



1. Tight space-These campers may not be the best for people that don’t want to be in close quarters with their camping partner. The main reason is that they are small and won’t give you enough space while camping.

2. Heat and lack of air-Some popup campers don’t have AC and heating which means you are likely to suffocate in there due to lack of enough air. However, this con can be solved if you consider other brands of campers that have AC and heating systems.

3. Not perfect for all weathers-Rain can potentially seep in on some campers and this can get all the things wet. However, if you have the best brand, they are likely to keep you and your belongings warm.

4. Not perfect for using a porta potty-In case you have thought of using a porta-potty, then be sure these are not perfect for you. They can smell and offer no privacy.

5. It can feel damp and uncomfortable-There are some situations when the rain will wet the walls in older units. In this case, you will notice that it feels very damp and uncomfortable.

6. The camper can smell or mildew-This is the case when the camper is wet and the climate is not right for it to dry.

7. It’s time-consuming to fit and unfit-This is another major drawback of this type of camper; it actually takes a lot of your time when you are fitting and unfitting.

8. Cleaning the canvas is time consuming-On the other hand, it may take a lot of time and labor to clean the Canvas.

9. Bigger popup campers can be costly-Although we had said these campers are affordable, bigger versions are very costly.

10. A generator can keep you up all day-They are not soundproof which means that a generator can keep you up the entire night.

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