Pros and Cons Of 2019 Yamaha R15 V3 ABS

The release of Yamaha version three series has caused excitement in bike lovers. Yamaha V3 offers splendid capability and features compared to its V2 series. This might, therefore, be one of the motorcycle options to choose from. Its merits include:



1. Good engine performance: This bike is a 150 cc motorcycle. Its engine bike offers a 136 KMPH top speed. It takes 10.5 seconds to make a 0-100 km/h sprint. This performance is almost equal or more when compared to some of its 200cc counterparts in the motor world like the 200-TVS RTR twins and the 200 Pulsar NS.

2. Has a well-strategized digital console: This R15 V3 bike comes with a splendid back-lit digital console. The console is wide enough and optimized to accommodate speed lovers. It is worth noting that the digital console offers not only the speed, engine rpm, and fuel level information but also gives the rider a mean consumption data.

3. Sleek and stylish design: This bike is a real machine with an unsurpassed exterior. Yamaha R15 Version 3.0 has relatively big wheels which make it outstanding. Its has floating panels on the rear and a wide prominent windscreen on the front.

4. Better fuel consumption: When compared to its 200cc counterparts this bike saves on fuel. This reduces the cost burden to the rider as he or she enjoys the ride.

5. Has wider wheels: This bike is fitted with a 140/70-17 rear tire and a 100/80-17 front tire which are among the largest for 150 cc bikes. The wide wheels keep the bike on track and provide continuous stability when one is riding at top speeds.

6. Has a soft to handle clutch: its clutch is stress-free and thus offers smooth and touchy shifting of gears unlike in other common motorcycles. Riding thus becomes more enjoyable on Yamaha R15 V3.

7. Has a dual-channel ABS: its dual-channel system enhances the rider`s safety during rides in wet roads. This is very important as some countries have set mandatory requirements and regulations for bikes exceeding a certain cc to have it.

8. Makes use of variable valve actuation (VVA): The new 155.1cc has a liquid-cooled and fuel-injected engine. This enables it to have a linear power delivery. The VVA system also ensures spine-tingling rides when in both high and low revs.

9. Good braking system: This bike boasts of a 282mm single disc front brake. It also has a 220mm rear single disk dedicated for an instant but smooth braking.

10. Swift dynamics: The bike has racing specs and a light front to make it maneuver at a high-speed motion. The wide wheels also promote stability during maneuvers.



1. Uncomfortable seat: Yamaha R15 V3 has a highly raised rear seat which makes the rider to always have his feet sliding to the ground for beginners. The rider is forced to lean forward, thus affecting his flexibility. The seat is also very high to climb

2. Poor headlight illumination: The LED headlights have poor lighting in the dark. You need to replace them in order to get a better headlights illumination. You need to replace them with others of better quality for better night experience.

3. A bit costly: One will need to pay some extra coins to pay for this bike when compared to the previous R-series.

4. Not suited for cargo: This bike is sportier and cannot be used to carry large loads as it lacks provisions for carrying baggage.

5. Faces stiff competition: This bike receives competition from some of the biggest brands like TVS, Honda and Suzuki which offer similar products of the motorcycle.

6. Requires proper marketing which is not yet availed: This type of bike requires more marketing of its sales as most of the customers in many countries are not aware of it.

7. Requires more engine cylinders: The 2019 Yamaha R15 v3 requires more cylinders to raise its power delivery.

8. Low top speeds: Its sporty design does not match the engine`s capability to reach the speeds that a fast racer would think off. This needs modification to capture the interest of racers.

9. Not much suited for muddy roads: If you think of using this bike for the extremely wet and slippery train this might not be an option for you. The bike is suited to dry terrains for maximum rider experience.

10. Suspensions can require modification: Suspensions are stiffer and can require changes like replacement. There also needs to lower the rear seat in the future for better rider`s experience and hence the suspensions must be considered.

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