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Pros and cons of motorcycles

A motorcycle is a two-wheeled automobile that has a sturdy frame than that of a bicycle. It is powered by a petrol engine that is between 125cc and 1000cc contingent on the kind and the brand company. There are some manufacturers that major on low engine volume motorcycles and others on high engine volume motorcycles. They are inversely designed contingent on the purpose of each. They have various pros and cons as listed below.



1. It increases physical health– It is obvious that for you to move a large machine such as the motorcycle, your muscles need to be betrothed. It may not be obvious but it is there and it helps relax your muscles thus improving the physical health of the user.

2. It improves the mental health of the user- When your muscles are engaged in the steering of the machine; the body releases endorphins which are the feel virtuous hormones. They help relax your body and keep you absorbed. The fresh air you get exposed to while on a motorcycle is also very proficient in increasing mental health.

3. It saves money- The cost of purchasing a motorcycle is very low compared to other forms of transport. They also consume little amounts of gas per mileage than most cars. The insurance cost too is very reasonable.

4. You can fix problems on your own-Mechanical functionality of the motorcycles is not as complex as that of cars or other commuter engines. Instead of calling someone to fix your bike for you it can be very easy for you to fix it.

5. They are very durable- As long as you provide the necessary care to your motorcycle, it is likely to serve you for the longest time possible. One thing that makes them durable is how they are made and in case of a problem, it is very easy fixing it.

6. They are fast-Motorcycles are very fast compared to some cars making it easier for you to be punctual on a motorcycle than on those cars. They are not so much affected by traffic congestions because they navigate easily through it.

7. It allows so much flexibility-Your body is more flexible on a bike than it could be on a car and possibly other forms of transport. There is also no stress of parking lots, these toys can be parked anywhere.

8. They require less space-It is not a bother for motorcycle owners about a parking space in the garage. They have so much flexibility such that if you live on the fourth floor of an apartment, you can put the machine in the elevator and park in the house. Crazy.

9. They give you the sense of being on one with a machine-Sometimes if you are driving a car you may not feel the power that your car possesses but with the motorcycle you have the feeling of how powerful your machine is and the level it can get to.

10. It gives you an intense feeling of freedom-When riding a motorcycle, it gives you all the freedom to do whatever you want as long as your safety is not compromised.



1. They are more dangerous-The The lack of something protecting your body makes it more dangerous. The car drivers who are also on the same roads and have never been on a bike may expose to a lot of danger.

2. They are easily targeted by thieves-It is much easier for a thief to access you on a motorcycle than in a car. Stealing a motorcycle requires less effort because they get access to it they drive away.

3. They have a limited carrying capacity-They are created in a way that they can only accommodate two people because of their size. You cannot run other errands that require a large carrying capacity on a motorcycle.

4. They are more susceptible to the weather-The the probability of getting caught up in a storm or bad rain and making it uncomfortable is very high. Riding while uncomfortable is very dangerous to you and other road users.

5. They have no exception in laws-Most people tend to think that owning a motorcycle gives them exceptional laws on the road. The law requires the motorcycles to adhere to all the laws and rules just as the other motor vehicles.

6. They require more skills to operate-Riding a motorcycle requires more concentration and skills than any other motorcycle. You need to concentrate on balance, shifting the gears and operating the clutch.

7. It is hard to attain the license of riding a motorcycle-In in some countries it is very difficult to attain the license to ride motorcycles. The authority needs you to be very competitive so as not to harm yourself and put the life other motorists at risk.

8. Requires additional protective accessories-If you have to buy a motorcycle, you must also budget for protective gear such as the helmet, jacket, gloves and boots.

9. Your health is put at risk-Considering the windy and cold days that you drive in, your chances of getting sick are very high thus harming your health.

10. It exposes you to everything-Motorcycles exposes you to everything including death. What is riskier than death?

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