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Pros and Cons of 29 Inch Bike Wheels

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Mountain bike riding may be a hobby or a sport but what makes it more interesting is having the best bike to suit you. Talking of the best bike to suit you, a wheel to match your terrain and give you the spams of a true ride is worth sharing out and we are going to look at the 29-inch wheel; its pros and cons.



1. Suitable in bumpy terrains: The wheel is big and its huge size is efficient in passing over bumps. This ease gives the rider the confidence and removes the fear of tripping or thudding on the bumps.

2. It is more stable during high speed: A 29-inch bike wheel rider would not worry about his stability at a high speed. With the assurance of a whole 29 inch of the wheel attached to the ground for stability would just give them the psyche to continue riding.

3. Ease of passing through rough and potholed terrain: The big size of a 29-inch wheel will go over potholes and is mildly affected by rough terrain; it doesn’t sink more into holes thus it has more speed in such areas.

4. Have high grip and strength suitable in jumps: The wheel is treaded and thick giving it strength against breakage and toppling thus suitable whenever the biker is making jumps.

5. Comfortable in climbing terrains: The size of the wheel, the grip and stability make it suitable in climbing as one has the giving the rider a relaxed position of riding without straining hence more comfortable.

6. Easy to control and maintain during mishaps: The 29-inch wheel size, grip, strength, and stability present the rider with a minimal if not reduced chance of injury during an accident as it is much easy to control and maintain in position.

7. Faster: Well no one would go for a ride only to be controlled by the wheel’s speed. This wheel size gives you the control and stamina to the surgeon.



1. Difficult to negotiate sharp bends: The big size of the wheel is a drawback in making sharp turns and bends as they make the bike clumsier and difficult to control in bends.

2. Heavy and huge thus bulky to store or carry: One would really have to plan on where to store a bike made of a 29-inch wheel as it requires much space and in impassable terrain, you’ll surely pant carrying it across.

3. They loosen and flex easily: The 29-inch wheel will give you strains of repair as large sized wheels dis-attach and convolute easily. They are not perfectly held on the rims and if not checked and serviced are prone to flexing.

4. Slow in speed and reaction during sprung actions: The wheels are a bit slow in making adrenalin induced actions by the biker and their mass makes the bike generally slow in speed.

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