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Pros and Cons of Black Cars

Cars have become one of the common things in our daily life. There exist different cars of different models which differ in features from one car to another. When differentiating cars, features are used since the car has features that may differ from that of another car, not unless they are of the same model. Color is one of the features that is used to differentiate cars. Vehicles exist in different colors, and the owner has the opportunity to choose the color that fits him best. In this article, we shall discuss black cars.

Black is a powerful color and may indicate the ones behind the wheel are powerful, successful, or confident. Therefore, black cars may be used to communicate indirectly. However, just like any other thing, black cars have diverse advantages and disadvantages.


Pros of Black Cars

1. Hides dust- black color is somehow a forgiving color. You cannot easily see the dust not unless you put the cleaning rag down. This is advantageous as the car can go for some days without being washed.

2. Invisible rusting- when a car is struggling with age, rusting is likely to occur on its metal parts. A black car will be forgiving to this since it is easy to detect rust on darker shades.

3. Practical maintenance- Black is easier to maintain as compared to brighter colors.
Black cars are easier
to clean as their color is not brighter to show dirt stains, and therefore, this makes it easier when cleaning the car. Also, a dirt stain cannot be seen from far as it is in brighter cars.

4. Warmth- During cold seasons, black cars are better as compared to brighter cars. This is so because black color is a poor emitter of heat, and therefore it helps prevent the inner heat from being emitted to the surrounding.

5. Forever in fashion- black cars never go out of fashion. Black color is a reliable and universal color, and this will make it unique each day.


Cons of Black Cars

1. Visibility- black color is not easily visible at night. Therefore, driving a black car at night with its light off may not be safe.

2. Get hot faster- During a sunny day, a black car is likely to get hotter at a faster rate. This is so because black is a good absorber of heat as compared to brighter colors.

3. Popular- black cars are too popular, and therefore purchasing one, people will see it as an ordinary car.

4. Magnet of dust- The maintenance and cleaning process of black cars becomes difficult since they are easily attracted to dust. This makes them always look dusty and always require to be cleaned regularly.

5. Fades easily- black cars are prone to fade easily due to their ability to absorb heat. The absorbed heat is responsible for fading of the color, and this makes it lose its original shiny color.

6. Starches and blemishes- black cars are not forgiving when it comes to scratches and blemishes; they cannot camouflage like white cars are.

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  1. Richard Zimmer

    It sounded to me contradictory when you wrote that black color hides the dust, while you also wrote black color attracts the dust, making them always look dusty and require to be cleaned regularly. I think the second part you quoted (con) nails it: Black cars are much harder to appear clean, especially with acid rain drops. I don’t think the color of the car makes dust more attractive, but rather the darker the color, the more it APPEARS to be dirty. This is why I would always choose white over black.

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