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Pros and Cons of Kia Sorento

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Kia Sorento one of the inexpensive vehicle with advanced features, safety, excellent fuel efficiency, and performance. This crossover compact SUV has a quality interior design, versatile positioning of seats, and more cargo space. Want to buy this vehicle? Look at the pros and cons of the SUV to know whether it’s worthy to invest your money on.



1. Interior feature: The compact SUV is made of modern features and technology. It has dual zone climate control, LCD speedometer, front dual airbags and dual side-curtain airbags at the front and rear among other features.

2. Sensors: When you turn cruise on, sensors in the 2018 model slow down the vehicle once close to the front car to avoid any collision. You will also receive a notification if you drive to a different lane without the blinkers on.

3. Cargo space: The vehicle is suitable for the family with enough room for your luggage. The 3rd row of the seat gives you enough room for friends.

4. Affordable prices: Sorento is an affordable vehicle compared to vehicles of the same size. It has advanced features and safety feature that are found only in some expensive brands.

5. 4WD: The four-wheel-drive system adds to the vehicles off-road ability. It works great in any terrain and can maintain stability while on the highway.

6. Fuel efficiency: The vehicle has better mileage on the highway compared to vehicles of the same size. The 4WD and the four-cylinder engine gives an average of 20 mpg on streets and 27mpg on the highway.

7. Easy to maneuver: Kia Sorento has great maneuvering ability. You can easily move around with the vehicle even when on traffic or at a busy parking lot.

8. Smooth ride: The SUV smooth and quiet ride ensures you enjoy your ride. The car’s comfort is amazing. You rarely feel bumps or shifts in the road. The vehicle’s suspension and insulation enable you to enjoy a smooth ride.

9. Great safety features: The Kia models are well-known for its safety features. It has traction control, stability control, rollover sensor, 4-wheel disc brakes, and brake assist.

10. Transmission option and power: Kia Sorento has two transmission options; 5-speed manual operation and 4/5-speed automatic transmission. The 2018 model delivers more horsepower and strong acceleration while on an open road. The v6 engine has high towing capability of 5000 pounds.



1. Engine noise: The engine can be a bit loud especially when you have been driving quitter vehicles. The noise produced depends on which model you’re using. V6 engine is noisy.

2. Interior materials: Some of the interior parts of the vehicle are made of low-quality material and they may appear a little flimsy and cheap.

3. Unimpressive exterior: If you’re looking for a flashy vehicle then you won’t love the appearance of Kia Sorento. Although more changes have been done on the exterior, the 2016 and below models are not impressive.

4. Disappointing 2nd-row seats: The second row seats are too low making them uncomfortable for the adults especially the redesigned 2017 model.

5. Slim Third-row seats: Although the seats have decent leg and headroom, they are perfect for children and teens but slim for adults making them uncomfortable.

6. Smaller interiors: Compared to other competitive brands of the same size, Kia Sorento 2018 model has smaller interior space, small passenger space, and a smaller cargo space.

7. Less luxurious: Due to the low price of the SUV, it makes the interior parts less luxurious compared to other SUV of the same class and size.

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