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Pros and cons of buying a used police car

A used police car that is well maintained is gold. These cars are easy to maintain and repair, considered safe, and particularly not flashy. On the other hand, they have a bad wrap as their role is quite challenging depending on their drivers. Police departments have been trying to work with various models to get the vehicle that suits them best. Some people prefer buying ex-police cars for different reasons, especially if the intended use will involve rough roads and difficult conditions that require heavy machinery.


Pros of buying a used police car

1. Heavy-duty components and powerful engine: If you want to get a powerful vehicle, an ex-police car could be the right to meet the goal. The powerful engine on the vehicle allows you to drive anywhere. The heavy-duty components ensure there is consistency in the results with improved acceleration. Radiator, alternator, and transmission cooler tend to be better.

2. Affordable prices: Surprisingly, used police cars are affordable. In the United States, one can find ex-police cars on sale by visiting the Autolist website. The listings show the expected price though not the final purchase price, to allow one to prepare their budget.

3. Good maintenance: Police departments ensure the fleet’s maintenance schedule is almost if not always followed. Their vehicles are important in enhancing safety. Thus, the maintenance is good.

4. Good deals on the car: Most of the used police cars present some good deals as they come at a discount if compared to those in the market. The information on maintenance records and the history of this particular vehicle is not provided, including mileage, mechanical and working conditions. With these details being withheld, you could land a great deal at a lesser price.

5. Extra trunk space: Police cars have large trunk space as the equipment to be stored. With the extra space, you don’t have to be piling up everything in the backseat. The interior front part of the vehicle also has extra room, which the officers use when on duty. The legroom is comfortable.

6. More miles: Many ex-police cars often have many miles because most of the officers leave the engines idling. For instance, a car equated with 120,000 miles can handle over one million miles with no damage recorded because of the durable components. The only requirement for getting such services is maintaining the vehicle.

7.The good off-duty design: One could take advantage of the ex-police car design, which guarantees comfortable rides as they can travel at relatively high speeds because of the upgraded suspension. The upgraded option in the police cars is an indication of high-level maintenance and care for the vehicle.

8. Higher speed levels: The performance level at higher speeds is exceptional in the used police cars. The acceleration profile is easily noticeable by drivers, and this makes them respond better while on highways. Improved control ensures the safety of the user.

9. High miles not a potential con: If you get to purchase a highway patrol vehicle, the disadvantage of high miles is not present because the high-speed miles are already on the engine. Also, the holes drilled are fewer.

10. Satisfaction: For those with a desire for power, driving an ex-police car is satisfying as people will change behaviors every time your vehicle is approaching.


Cons of buying a used police car

On the other hand, there are disadvantages of purchasing a used police car instead of buying a new one or getting it from another department.

1. Inadequate research on the vehicle’s history: Since most of those handling the police cars are not provided with all the details concerning the history of the vehicle, the responsibility is passed to the buyer. You are required to complete the historical research. Before concluding on the cars you are considering, you need to get enough information to verify them.

2. Different driving behaviors: Most drivers tend to slow down any time they suspect a police car is approaching. This means that you will be using lesser speed when traveling, which might concern those with huge errands to run.

3. Mileage does not account for the overall activities: In most cases, police cars have long idling periods that might not be accounted for on the vehicle’s mileage, yet it should be considered in the aging process. Most of the officers rarely turn off their engines.

4. Wear and tear are more: Used police cars should be thoroughly inspected before rushing the decision. One should consider looking into the previous ownership. You can get a mechanic to review the condition of your preferred choice of car to help you compare if the price is worth the condition of the vehicle.

5. Management of the heavy-duty components: Automakers use heavy-duty parts when making the vehicles withstand difficult conditions, which might be a goal for some customers. However, the maintenance and repair cost in case there is a breakdown is much higher when compared to the standard product.

6. Fuel economy: The amount of fuel used by the ex-police cars is more than the standard vehicles. As much as driving this car will be fun, you should be ready for the amount of fuel to be used.

7. The short lifespan of the vehicle: Many police cars are replaced after they have been driven long enough to a point they are not considered worth use. If the department considers that repairing the vehicle is more expensive, they replace it. From this viewpoint, you could end up purchasing a police vehicle approaching the end of its lifespan.

8. Too much attention: Having an ex-police car attracts attention from the public as there will always be speculations on who owns the vehicle and their position in society.

9. No warranty: Ex-police cars do not typically have a mechanical certification or even a risky warranty in case of anything.

10. Additional electronic equipment: The equipment used in a line of duty like radios and computers require extra power; thus, the car might have an upgraded electrical system. You will need to install electronic equipment.


It is important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a used police car before completing a purchase. Detailed inspection and verification should be allowed to get clear information on the mileage and working condition of the vehicle. With the essential information at hand, it is possible to determine the worth of the car.

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