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Pros and Cons of Jaguar F Type

Jaguar F-type is a classy sports car with high-tech features and sophisticated styling. It is one of the latest models with F-type sensational driving dynamics and a new base engine making it more fun to drive.

If you’re looking to buy this convertible model, evaluate the pros and cons before making your buying decision.



1. Efficient base power: The new model has four engine cylinders making it perfect for optimum fuel economy. It not only saves on fuel but also delivers excellent performance.

2. Exhilarating exhaust note: The sports car is designed with special baffles to reduce the exhaust noise with a simple touch of a button. The exhaust note makes your driving experience more fun.

3. Exceptional braking system: It has an exceptional braking system making the car stop quickly in case of an emergency. Jaguar is also equipped with a more powerful brake kit.

4. Potent engine lineup: F-type has a supercharged V6 engine that can create 400 horsepower whereas the SVR supercharged V8 engine can kick up to 575 horsepower. You can drive 60mph in only 3.5 seconds.

5. Aggressive handling: Jaguar f-type is a high-performance car that is firmly glued on the pavement when driving through a curve. The car has a limited-slip differential with an adaptive suspension.

6. Elegant exterior: The new 2018 model has an elegant and sexy style which makes people turn their heads and aspire to buy it. The high-performance model looks more sleek and aggressive.

7. Interior design: F-type models have a luxurious cabin with leather material on the interior. There is an improved infotainment system with a power-adjustable steering wheel.

8. Great sound system: The standard sound system is fitted with 380-watt amplifiers to help create a pavement-pounding bass.

9. Handle harsh weather: The new model uses a rear-wheel-drive although there are models which use an all-wheel-drive. This makes it easy to drive through slippery roads whereas AWD can do well in snow-packed areas.

10. Drive safety package: The driving safety package will help control the system and reduce the speed of the vehicle when approaching slow-moving traffic.



1. Cost: It is very expensive to buy an f-type sports car compared to other models. SVR convertible costs a much higher price. Maintenance cost is also very high.

2. Questionable reliability: F-type sports car is not of dependable cars in the long run. If you’re looking for long-term reliability then, f-type is not suitable for you.

3. Comfort: No enough space to stretch out especially for large drivers thus making them uncomfortable. The cockpit has a tight fit for some drivers.

4. Lack of manual transmission: Corvette car gives you an opportunity to enjoy up to 8-speed automatic transmission, Jaguar has a limited manual transmission.

5. Cargo capacity: The sports car has a smaller trunk thus unless the passenger seat is unoccupied, you need to pack light.

6Limited rear vision: The location of mirrors mounted on the front windshield limits the driver’s rear vision.

7No backseat: The F-type model is designed with two seats thus, you can’t tag friends along with you.

8. Thirsty R model: Jaguar f-type R model is not fuel economic thus not suitable for drivers who want to save on gas.

9. Positioning of brake pedals: The brakes and acceleration pedals are too close to each other and some drivers like to drive and brake with both feet making their shoes rub each other.

10. Muted speed: AWD model has a different sense of speed. It mutes the drama when the V8 accelerates making the vehicle move slowly.

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