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Pros And Cons Of Yamaha MT-15 Dark Warrior

Yamaha MT-15 is an upcoming street naked motorcycle nicknamed black warrior. The bike is essentially YZF-R15 V3 without the fairing, however, the rider’s triangle is upright.

The bike is a teaser sport with a matte blue color. It gets highlights on the fuel tank and the alloy wheels. The MT-15 head camp is designed in a three-part layout, with the Led position lights flanking the centrally mounted, single projector beam. This makes it unique and makes many people prefer it.



1. Bi-functional led headlight: The led headlight is practical and offers both high as well as the low beam from the single projector. The magic is higher when you see the two led daytime running lights in action. They save energy by letting the light stay switched off during the day.

2. Distinctive styling: The styling part is the biggest USP for MT-15. People appreciate the thin tail behind the section that gives the motorcycle a unique facial expression. People are moved by the desired large- displacement MT series motorcycle.

3. Strong and powerful engine: The power output is very practical when equated to the 138 kg of wet weight. The motorcycle will add dedicated sprinting in everyday routine for sure.

4. VVA and slipper clutch: The use of slipper clutch makes it easy for the rider to use the Yamaha MT-15 in tough and hard situations while VVA helps to keep power delivery steady in low as well as high rpm range.

5. Informative console: The fully digital instrument console offers an inverted view of the values adding important features like gear shift indicator, VVA indicator and mileage display for the rider. The USB charging option here is equally beneficial.

6. Ergonomics: MT-15 has very comfortable seating posture. Most of the people who buy MT-15 buy it because of its comfort posture easily to handle.

7. Has quality features: MT-15 shares most of the cycle parts from its R15 V3. Delta box frame, slipper clutch, instrument console which is similar to R15 with negative colors. Quality of the materials is very nice and fit and finish feels premium.

8. Handling: It has anti-With delta box frame, meaty tires MT-15 is one of the best handlers. During riding, it has a better turning radius and flick-able in traffic

9. It’s fast: Its motor is such powerful and its speed is good enough in competition as compared to other models like HONDA CBR 250R which make them number one choice in the decision of most riders in the world of champions.

10. Efficient braking system: Lock braking system such that it’s sourced disc brakes function perfectly even in case of hard braking and save the rider from every possible obstacle.



1. Overpriced: The deficiency of features from the motorcycle has made it overpriced in comparison to the R15 V3 available for INR 1.36 lakh

2. Limited shades with plain black wheels: The new MT-15 is available in Dark Matt Blue and metallic black shade. This leaves buyers without any striking color combinations like the international –spec model. Even the wheels are plain black on both the shades.

3. Single-channel ABS: The motorcycle is packed with single-channel ABS on the front wheel, leaving fans disappointed as they were waiting for the same ABS setup as Yamaha R15 V3.

4. Has no USD Forks: the motorcycle comes with standard forks. The price mentioned here seems like for the version that will never arrive here. Skipping the USD forks is not that great move when taking the price to such a high point.

5. Diverse swing arm: The attractive swing arm from Yamaha R15 V3 was not available from the spec sheet of MT-15 in countries like India. The use of standard version also reduces the costing expense by attempting to cut them down.

6. Competition for the market: Other models of bikes are competing with Yamaha MT-15 for the market which offers it a stiff competition to cope up with.

7. Has few service centers: The sales and after-sale servicing of Yamaha MT-15 motorcycles are handled by few centers making it difficult to easily access when urgent repairs are needed.

8. Much vibration: Footpegs in MT-15 bike vibrate more which annoys the public and adversely affect admiration for this model of the motorcycle which is a big blow to its success thus making competition to take advantage

9. Color variance: MT-15 motorcycle comes with common color and it is not much preferred by buyers who work on color preference.

10. Slightly pricier: It’s expensive to buy Yamaha MT-15 to many people who have low-income earners thus it’s a bit expensive.

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