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Pros and cons of wheel spacers

Most people view wheel spacers as something dangerous. Nonetheless, people you use them say the opposite thing. Wheel spacers are helpful when the offset of the wheel is not great for the package you want to use. This is because the offset is not ideal or the axles are narrow. The option will put your tires and wheel underneath the fender. Here are the pros and cons of wheel spacers.


Pros of wheel spacers

1. There are hub-centric and generic spacers: If you are a first user of spacers, you can consider generic products that have distinct bold patterns. You will know how the vehicle will handle hence proceed to the next level of installing hub-centric spacers. Check them regularly to avoid disadvantages discussed on the equipment.

2. Allows you to put big brake: Wheel spacers give you a great interior to get a large brake. Most large kit needs 17 inches rims which are difficult to set up. It is good to consider the situations even if it will not apply in all vehicles.

3. Multiple choices: Wheel spacers add important things to your package. They connect the existing hub then put the wheel on the product. Moreover, the washer type is affordable because it does not need complex mounting hardware.

4. Ensure wheel fit well: Wheel spacers are used to ensure the wheels fit properly in the vehicle. Installing them will help to remove driving issues that interfere with body suspension components.

5. Spaces use billet aluminum: You should consider buying a high-quality wheel spacer to make sure the vehicle performs properly. These materials include billet aluminum. The material is strong than the attached wheels. Further, they have studs that ensure the installing process is simple. You should consider the opting especially if the wheel bolt patterns need change.

6. Add aesthetic value: You should have a good driving stance when the wheels are out the edge of the body. Wheels should be kept in the body, pushing tires outside will bring problems.

7. Improve performance: When you are at the driver seat, wheel spacers are ideal for improving the vehicle’s performance. It pushes the wheel further thus create a wide track and reduce the center of gravity. Henceforth, you will get more grip at the corner and fast acceleration. Install spacers on the four wheels and experience the benefits.


Cons of wheel spacers

1. Vibrations issues: You will experience additional vibrations when driving. Some vehicles feel like driving on chains or cables. Use hub-centric spacers to avoid the issue. However, it may still be experienced in other models.

2. Risk of cracking: There are minimal disadvantages of cracking wheel spacers while driving. This occurs when there are installation errors.

3. Hide alignment issues: Wheel spacers make the vehicles easy to drive. When used full time especially on an old vehicle, it can hide developing issues.

4. Heavy steering: Size of wheel spacers can cause heavy steering unlike when they are not installed.

5. Wheel spacers must be put on all tires: Installing wheel spacers on one side will cause unbalance. Therefore, you must put on all tires.

6. Cheap spacers are from cast material: You need to invest in an expensive wheel spacer. Cheap ones are made from less consistent cast aluminum. The metal undergoes the casting process hence the structure of crystals becomes less uniform.

7. Low threads for lug nuts: Washer-type wheel spacer increase clearance while pushing wheel out. Therefore, the lugs will have few threads.

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