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Pros And Cons Of KTM RC 390 Sports Bike

KTM RC 390 is a middleweight sports bike. The bike has a full fairing, good riding dynamics, superb performance, and features which endure at an affordable price.

It has a braking system and handling with an additional advantageous system called anti-lock-braking system with aids during emergencies. It also has a strong engine which is very powerful in specifications and functions.

Indeed, it’s built around the steel trellis frame which makes it appear attractive and having stunning looks. Its color is fascinating ensuring its sporty character. In front, it has twin projector headlamps and daytime running lights.

The windshield also boosts riders’ confidence while on the bike as they are comfortable and free from unnecessary wind. The advantages of KTM RC 390 include:



1. Lower maintenance cost: It doesn’t cost as much as a closed body racer to maintain and operate and also its parts are much cheaper.

2. It’s fast: Its motor is such powerful and its speed is good enough in competition as compared to other models like Honda CBR 250R. This makes them number one choice in the decision of most riders in the world of champions.

3. It’pleasure to ride: This bike feels great to ride due to its well-positioned levers. The gearbox is streamlined such that acceleration is instantaneous. Most riders greatly enjoy when riding on this bike in contests of champions.

4. Excellence fixtures: The RC 390 bike is well made such that it serves as a bike with world-class quality. Some of its features include a digital speedometer, LED tail lamp, projector lamp, engine cowl, large fuel tank, mono-shock rear absorbers, and cushioned seat.

5. It bends its head easily: This bike curves its head easily when taking a sharp corner, unlike the normal bikes which help riders to meet their riding concerns and suits riders in sports competitions. It also saves riders in the incident of accidents and emergencies and other obstacles.

6. Value for money: It is comparatively cheaper to repair and maintain. It’s also available in the market it’s displayed in suitable ways attractive buyers thus its encourage value for money.

7. Efficient braking system: it has anti-lock braking system such that its braking sourced disc brakes function perfectly even in case of hard braking and save the rider from every possible obstacle.

8. Aggressive sporty look: No one can get away from the bold and captivating beauty of the RC390.Some attractive features include twin projectors, headlights cowl and RVM mounted turn blinkers.

9. Powerful engine: It has well-packed engines with single cylinder and liquid-cooled engine good for maximum power. Engine produce up to a six-speed transmission thus very powerful.

10. Metzeler Tyres: It has sticky Metzeler tires which makes it possess elegant looks and also improved handling dynamics of the KTM RC 390.



1. It produces a lot of heat: Its engine produces much heat which is hazardous to the rider in case of direct contact with the body.

2. Useless mirrors: Its mirrors aren’t wide enough such that it only focuses on short-distance objects and rider only end up seeing his arms and elbows in the mirror.

3. Riding position not comfortable for long rides: It is really uncomfortable to ride RC bikes on long trips. Riders often complain of uncomfortable positions while they are riding on RC bikes have thinly padded seat thus its degrading its riding position.

4. Much vibration: Footpegs in RC bike vibrate more even when it’s in lower speed. This is annoying to the public and adversely affect admiration for this model of the bike which is a big blow to its success thus making competitors to take advantage.

5. Stiffened suspensions: The bike is hard to ride on bumpy and pothole-filled roads. Therefore, it is only suitable and pleasurable to ride in the good road which lowers its demand because prospective riders who reside in bumpy and untarmacked roads would not make it in KTM RC 390 bike.

6. Comparatively poor build quality: its switchgear feels a bit on the cheaper side and also its radiator fun is notorious for causing issues for many.

7. it has few service centers: the sales and after-sales servicing of KTM motorcycles are taken care by centers like Bajaj and they are only few that handle KTMS,

8. Slightly pricier: It’s expensive to buy an MTM RC 390 to many people who are low-income earners thus its a bit expensive.

9. No color variance: RC 390 comes only in one color which is black with white and such it is not much preferred by buyers who work on color preference.
10. Competition for the market: Other models of bikes are competing with KTM RC 390 for the market which offers it a stiff competition to cope up with.

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