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Pros and Cons of R-Pod

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If you’re planning for your next adventure vehicle, R-Rod will be excellent for you. R-pod is a travel trailer with a unique shape and has the lowest tow weight unit compared to trailers of the same class. It has standard features making your week-long adventure full of fun.

Before choosing any camping trailer, look at its pros and cons to ensure you choose the best travel trailer and have the fun with you when you go!



1. Unique lightweight vehicles: R-Pod travel trailers are made of lightweight material and unique features like a three-way refrigerator, LED interior lighting, hardwood drawer fronts, and a queen tent end bed to make you comfortable.

2. Automotive seals: All the windows in R-Pod have automotive seals thus do not need any servicing in the future.

3. Tear-drop shape: The trailer has a tear-drop shape to make it easy to navigate through the wind compared to typical white boxes on the wheels.

4. No rubber roof or seams: You don’t have to worry about water getting into the trailers because of rubber roof seams at the front and back. R-Pods have a single fiberglass sheet that runs from the front bottom to the rear bottom of the trailer. No rubber roofs or seems.

5. Great insulation: This ensures no leaks in the trailer. A seal tech machine is used to test the leaks and ensure a tight seal fits

6. Ease of pulling: They’re smaller in size with a slide that opens it up for more space and it is easy to tow making it more suitable for those who like camping.

7. Easy set up: The compact and well-built design makes the R-Pod simple to use and very easy to set up. It easily tow with a 6-cylinder vehicle making it suitable for both short and long trips.

8. Economical: It is affordable and requires little maintenance.

9. Well-equipped: Despite the compact size, R-Pods have a spacious and well-equipped kitchen, comfortable bedroom, and large sitting space. It is designed to accommodate your lifestyle needs.

10. Framed with aluminum: Every opening of the R-Pod is framed with aluminum compared to others which rely on the window frames for strength. It also has an aluminum-framed floor.



1. Not suitable for large family size: The trailer is suitable for small families and mostly designed to comfortably fit two people. If you have a large family, you have to consider other options.

2. Storage space: The large-size floorplans, slides, and the interior living space leave the R-pod with small storage space.

3. Poor quality interiors: Although it looks good on the outside, on the inside it is cheaply fixed. The fabric used for making the sitting area and the bed is of low quality.

4. Water leaks: Some of the R-pods have a water leak on the kitchen sink result in flooding in your storage compartment. Check for leaks around the spoiler and also fix the seals immediately after buying the trailer.

5. Water tank at the back: Be careful with filling the water tank to full capacity. It may affect your towing dynamics as it puts more weight on the back of the R-pod.

6. Graphics: There are too many frustrating graphics that are stuck all over the trailer.

7. No spotlights: There are no spotlights to read at night. The trailer provides an artificial illumination from the ceiling light.

8. Optional features: Some features on the listing are optional and you can get an R-pod trailer installed with some features you don’t need. Other features essential features like an oven or grill may not be available.

9. No window in the washroom: There is no window in the washroom but rather a small vent fan at the roof light and powerful light which compensates for the lack of a window.

10. Empty holding tanks: You have to manually empty the holding tanks.

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