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Pros and Cons of being a Machinist

A machinist is any person that machines use hand tools to make modifications to a part of a whole section made of plastic, metals, or wood. In most cases, these people do this depending on the specifications specified in the Blueprint. Today, almost everything you see out there is made by a machinist. Talk about a table, an engine, or even plane wings. Being a machinist has its benefits and its own perks.



1. Value creation-This is the first benefit and a reason why you should be a machinist. The function of such individuals is for value creation and also for machine shops and contract manufacturers.

2. Skills with increasing demand-The career for a machinist is always in demand. What this means is that the skills are transferable and also always in demand. You can expect that even in the future, there will always be something for a machinist.

3. A long term career-Being a machinist doesn’t mean there’s a chance to be thrown out of the career simply because the services are no more helpful. The fact is that as a machinist, you can be sure the career will be a long-term source of money.

4. A good salary- There is always something good coming out of such a career. The fact is that the salary is good and you can expect to make ends meet in such a career. In most situations, you are paid a good amount of dollars every hour.

5. Job advancement opportunities-There are many opportunities on the line of your career. A Machinist will always have an opportunity waiting. So if you are one of those people that don’t want to be in a very competitive field, then this is the best for you.

6. Opportunities to work with your hands-Everyone is looking for a practical career out there. I believe being a machinist gives you a better chance to practically work with your hands. It’s a practical career which means you will always be at a workstation using tools and machines.

7. Use of cutting edge technology-The technology you implement in all situations is top-notch. This gives you an opportunity to practice with the best technologies out there. Unlike many other careers, you can sharpen your skills as you workaround.

8. Chances to start being paid as you learn the skills-In most cases, people become machinists through the AJACs program. What this means is that you can continue with your studies as you make money as a machinist.

9. Opportunity to work with a reputable company-as a machinist, you will have a chance to choose a company to work with. This gives you an opportunity to weigh their wages and eventually make the decision.

10. Machinists work indoors-Unlike many other practical careers, a machinist will always work indoors where the temperatures are warmer and working conditions are managed.



1. Long working hours-Many people complain about the amount of work they have to do in a single day. In many cases, machinists work for long hours without an overtime salary allowance.

2. it’s not a perfect match for people that want to teach others-This is especially because machinists are very busy and don’t have time to inspire or teach other people.

3. Only for people that can work with metals, woods, and plastics. If you are one of the people that want to be in an office somewhere, then this career is not for you. Though, it’s a nice career for all the people that want to work with metals, wood, and plastics.

4. Some people complain about the salary-There are many people saying that the salary is below average which can be true depending on where you are working.

5. Not for people that don’t want to work indoors– If you think that you want to exercise your skills outdoors, then this is not your career. It’s for people that want to work indoors.

6. It needs a lot of your patience-You may think that becoming a machinist is easy and will come automatically, then think again. The fact is that the setup process is long which means you can spend a lot of time seeking jobs and sharpening your skills.

7. Lack of quality tools-You may not get quality tools for all your works. This is not a simple thing because it can cost you a lot of time and resources to sharpen your skills.

8. Poor working conditions-People think that the working conditions for machinists are not the best.

9. Risk of injuries-Working with machines increases your chances of being hurt or injured as you work.

10. Low demands in some countries. There are many countries that don’t make it conducive for machinists.

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