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Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Online dating is pervasive in today’s digital world. Although there are those who prefer old-fashioned dating, online dating is equally beneficial especially to the introverts and you can meet a large number of people online.

There are various dating apps accessible through smartphones and social media sites. Just like any other method, online dating has its pros and cons.



1. Communication: Online dating gives you a convenient opportunity to chat, video call, and interact with a potential partner before meeting them. Such communication act as a safe and excellent of testing the other person.

2. Matching potential partner: Gone are the days where you had to go for awkward blind dates, online dating has made it more convenient to meet people. The sites allow you to carry out a personality test to determine the compatibility of your match and their personality.

3. Millions of active users: If you afraid of trying online dating just keep in mind that there are over 40 million members who have tried it and there are apps with over 10 million active users daily.

4. Meet people you might not have crossed paths with: Online dating allows you to connect with people globally. If you’re looking for potential partners from a particular orientation, live in a certain area or lifestyle then the internet is the best avenue to meet them.

5. Meet like-minded people: There are apps that let you specify what you’re looking for in a potential partner and you will be able to meet people similar to you or have the same beliefs as you.Cons of Online Datin

6. Suitable for shy people: If you’re a shy person, you can express yourself using messages, pictures and have enough time to compose a great profile that shows your personality.

7. No stigma: The stigma that existed on meeting people online has long gone. You’re likely to come across many couples who have met online.

8. A high percentage of online relationships: One out of every five relationship starts online. Many couples meet and build their relationship online.

9. Screen pictures: You can screen the girl’s pictures, what she says about herself before you put effort to talk to her.

10. Build great friendship: You can connect and build a strong friendship with someone you met through an online dating site.



1. Blindsided by your preferences: Most online profiles focuses on attributes of potential dates or what you think you want from the other partner instead of a shared value system.

2. Unwanted attention: You never know who is going to view your online profile or who you will meet online. You may get a stalker or disproportionate amount of interests online which you can’t handle.

3. Crowded digital platform: There are so many people who have signed up in online dating sites and apps and sometimes it is difficult to weed out the good from the bad.

4. A profile full of lies: People lie a lot in their online profile. Male users can lie about their age, gender, income whereas females lie about their age, weight, physical features among others.

5. Difficult to choose the perfect person: The choice of a partner can be overwhelming and without a clear plan on what you’re looking for it may take a lot of time to get a perfect partner.

6. Lacks information provided in face-to-face interaction: In online communication, you cannot rely on physical cues like touching and emotions to build attraction with the partner.

7. Focus on physical attractiveness: Many sites focus on the physical attractiveness of a person, rather than their behaviors.

8. It can be dangerous: The world is full of people with malicious intention and online dating sites have a lot of scammers so be careful on who you interact with and take precautions when meeting up in person.

9. Romantic pressure: The virtual world moves thing differently and meeting someone through online dating site may feel like you have known them for a long time and there is that romantic pressure to immediately move your relationship to next stage.

10. Weird experience: Meeting strangers for the first time and chatting with them may feel weird.

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