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Pros And Cons Of living In Florida

Florida is a Southern-most state in the United States of America. The state is bordered to the Northwest by the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is home to some of the world most famous theme parks such as Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens.

Florida is one of the cheapest states to live in just like Georgia, Tennessee, and New Mexico. Some of the merits of living in Florida include:



1. Low cost of living: the cost of living in Florida is low. Florida is one of the cheapest states to live in just like Georgia, Tennessee, and New Mexico.

2. It hosts one of the largest theme park capitals of the world: since its home to some world-famous theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens.

3. Less state income taxes or expenses: mostly during summertime weather when there is no snow, reasonable utility rights bills, a more relaxed lifestyle, wildlife even in the city, reasonable pay, especially in larger cities, the ocean, short commute to work, many good/excellent colleges two year and four year programs as well as post-graduate programs.

4. Awesome beaches: Florida has a lot of world-class beaches and state parks to enjoy. Even if you live inland, the beach is never far away, and you can always venture out to the coastal plains and get back home within the same day.

5. Little or no snow issues: Even though at times the weather can be too cold, there are few cases of extreme snow conditions.

7. Well-paid jobs: Florida offers a wide variety of jobs. Most of the jobs carried out in Florida are well paying. This is very important as it supplements its residents with their daily basic needs.

8. Summer weather conditions at most times of the year: During warm weather, the surroundings are usually superb. There are also lots of palm trees, tropical flowers, and beaches suitable for enhancing outdoor activities.

9. Cosmopolitan and a business hub: Florida State is a cosmopolitan and it has a very mixed population. There are lots of different groups and types of people of all ages. Various business or economic activities are carried out. The place is also full of casinos and restaurants for refreshments.

10. Friendly communities: People in Florida are very jovial and warm in their hearts. One especially a visitor gets a warm reception and is able to make many friends.



1. Dangerous roads during storms: When Florida`s prominent storms hit, visibility can get really unclear in seconds after the storm falls on the place. Lots of accidents involving flooding can actually take place.

2. One must cope with all types of people: Florida is rated the number one place for all kinds of people including the aged and the youth. For the better part of it, the people are nice but one must be able or have the skills to relate with all kinds of persons from diverse backgrounds.

3. Storms are frequent: Huge torrential downpours that come inform of mini-tropical storms and hurricanes are prone. This can just be enough to ruin any adventurous plans you might have had and turn travel conditions unbearable.

4. Identity theft is common: Florida is really notorious with identity theft cases, largely due to its high transient and elderly populations. There is also a large technology advancement that is experienced. One must, therefore, be extra careful with financial documents. Medical insurance impersonation is also very common.

5. Florida is not spared from crime: Florida is not spared aware of a few cases of crime and theft. Visiting Florida is thus not a full guarantee of crimeless environments just like in most parts of the world.

6. Overspending is common for visitors: Due to some of the best restaurants and refreshment parks, one can overspend more than he or she had planned. One must, therefore, plan well for his or her budget.

7. Similar geographical features and buildings can cause boredom: There are few varieties of geographical features like mountains or even big rivers as well as wildlife when compared to the most tourist destination. Living in such a might thus not be a solution to touring enthusiasts.

8. Huge traffic and less parking slots: Almost everyone owns a car in Florida. During rush hours a person going to work must adapt or cope with a large number of vehicles. Parking slots are usually competitive and it`s hard to find one.

9. High Humidity during rains: During wet weather, one must be ready to purchase an umbrella. This will keep one’s clothes dry if one has to walk home instead of using a vehicle.

10. Extra sweating on hot days: One must prepare to carry light clothes during hotter days. There is much of air conditioning to be put in place. This can sometimes make electric bills to be high.

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