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Pros and Cons of living in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, popularly known as the city of lights is an ideal destination for people who just want to party and have a fun vacation. However, a number of people are skeptical about really settling down in this city. Well, there is a good reason behind it. We also know that Las Vegas is referred to as the ‘sin city’ because of the endless partying and gambling which are considered to be vices.

There is more than meets the eye than the fiction stories running in your mind and what your friends have told you. Las Vegas can actually be a great city for a permanent stay. In fact, you may even be happy with your decision of moving there. All said and done, Las Vegas may not be for everyone. I have come up with all the information you need to make the right decision.



1. The beautiful weather. People who like spending time outdoors will fall in love with this city. Las Vegas is blessed with the subtropical desert climate. This means that there are less raining days and more of the sun. How great can that be! This city experiences 292 sunny days in a year and an average of 12 rainy days the entire year.

2. Great outdoor adventures. Vegas is more than just casinos and clubs. There is a lot this city and its surroundings have to offer and that’s why many tourists frequent it. Nevada holds about 26 state parks for locals and tourists to visit and marvel at the beauty around them. Aside from the beautiful landscape and great weather, there are plenty of outdoor activities such as skiing, camping, boating and so on.

3. No state income tax. This is one more reason for you to consider residing in this great city. Not paying state income taxes will save you more money than you had ever imagined. Gaming revenue greatly helps the locals and so income tax is not even needed.

4. Excellent dining options. For a desert city, Las Vegas has surprisingly a wide variety of dining options. Their restaurants are diverse with the world’s finest cuisines. You can stop by the strip and indulge in a 240 day dried steak at the carnevino, seafood at costa di mare, the best wine and so much more. Any food you want, you will possibly find it in one of the Vegas restaurants.

5. Open-minded and friendly people. The residents in Las Vegas are quite friendly and you will definitely enjoy your stay with such people around you. Another plus is that the people in the city are culturally diverse but open-minded. They are welcoming and available to take in every unique person.

6. The low cost of living. The cost of owning a home in Las Vegas is way cheaper than in some other big cities. For instance, a two-bedroom house can go at an average cost of $135,000. You can also rent a house for as low as $795 in a month. Many people are able to afford this cost of living with little or no struggles.

7. Lots of opportunities for young people and startups. According to Forbes, Las Vegas is among the 12 best cities to start a new business. The young people have a greater chance of finding jobs or starting a business and actually being successful at it.

8. Endless entertainment. The main highlight of this city is entertainment. If you are a resident, you won’t have to miss out on any of the unparalleled shows or live bands. Am actually thinking Las Vegas should be named the world entertainment capital.

9. The best place for gamblers. If you truly enjoy gambling, then you should consider living in Las Vegas. There are many local casinos that offer competitive and decent odds. This is one of the main benefits of staying here. You can even place crazy bets once in a while.

10. No natural disasters. One of the reasons why you might want to move to this city is the fact that it does not experience natural disasters. You will be spared from the hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.



1. It’s not for people who struggle with vices. People who have problems with heavy drinking and gambling should probably avoid this city. Here you can drink, party and gamble any time of day and night.

2. Limited job opportunities. The job opportunities in Las Vegas are mainly focused on the restaurant and food industry. Food preparation and service accounts for most of the job openings in the city. Professionals in fields such as architecture, healthcare, education, and engineering may have a harder time finding jobs here.

3. The summer is extremely hot. The summer months in this city are not really the pleasant times of the year. The weather is unbearable and the heat of the sun is scorching hot going up to 100 degrees in the month of July.

4. High crime rates. The crime rate in the city is among the highest in the entire nation. This is fueled by the growing rates of unemployment. The most prevalent crime is car theft.

5. The traffic is a total nightmare. You will find that you spend most of your time stuck in traffic. Las Vegas has terrible traffic and you might be forced to leave 30 minutes ahead of time if at all you want to arrive where you’re going on time.

6. It’s expensive to own a vehicle. It’s almost mandatory to have your own car when living in Las Vegas. The only problem is that its way more expensive to purchase and own a vehicle in this city. Also, their car insurance rates are higher than in other states.

7. The healthcare system is wanting. This will be the worst place to live in when it comes to medical healthcare. Unless you have the money to get medical help from a sophisticated private medical facility, their public hospitals are not the place you will want to be. The doctors are only after making quick money and do not care much about their patients.

8. Transit. Unless you have your own car, transportation in this city is another nightmare. For starters, there is no reliable public transportation such as a bus. Secondly, the drivers in the city are rowdy and reckless.

9. The education system is low. When I say low, I mean ground level low. If you really want the best for your child, then you will have to search for a good private school. Any others will not meet the required education standards.

10. Some people can’t speak English. Such a diverse city and metropolitan should have English speaking citizens. Unfortunately, there are a couple of people in Las Vegas who can’t understand a word in English and you might actually have a hard time communicating with them.

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