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Pros and cons of living in Montana

According to statistics, 35 million Americans are moving or thinking of moving every year. A great number of these people consider living in Montana as a viable option. One big reason people consider living in Montana is that the state is less populated. Though, you are supposed to read the pros and cons so that you can make better decisions.


Pros of living in Montana

1. The cost of living– Montana is one of the most affordable living places in America. If compared h2h with other states, the cost of living here is 2.8% lower. Start with the prices of buying the house, which is very cheap here.

2. The home prices are low In this area; there are many affordable homes for sale. This is even though the median home price in Montana is 23% higher than the national home price.

3. The Job Market is not flooded-If you are moving here with hopes of getting a job, Montana will not disappoint. This is definitely because the job market is not flooded. This means there are many jobs in the cities that you can try.

4. The climate is the tolerable-The state has four seasons that you can easily tolerate. Montana is a nice place to live if you care about the rain seasons and cold winters.

5. The low population density in the US, Montana is the 3rd less populated state in the US. Its also considered to be the 4th largest state by area. What this shows is that it is one of the states with low Population density.

6. Much unspoiled land-This state is located in the western part of the US. This shows that the climate is rather good and at the same time makes the land beautiful. The population is not high a reason why the land is still not spoiled.

7. Beautiful nature-The The land in Montana is mountainous with valleys, hills, lakes, plains, and rivers that make it very beautiful. It is naturally one of the most beautiful states to live in.

8. Low taxes-If you care about the Taxes, Montana is a place to be because there are lower tax rates. One big achievement is the lack of sales tax. The tax rate range for income tax is 1%-6.9%.

9. Little Traffic-Unlike many other states in the US, Montana is one state with little Traffic. This is because most people prefer to walk and the fact that the citizens are not highly populated.

10. A lot of recreation and outdoor activities-I know you want to live in a place where there are many involving activities. For that reason, consider Montana for its diverse nature that gives you countless possibilities. You can visit the glacier national park or the Yellowstone National Park.


Cons of living in Montana

1. Cold winters-The The winters in Montana are very cold. This is because it’s on the Northwest meaning it can experience swings of temperature. The temperatures are extreme during the winter where they are below zero degrees.

2. Tourist flux-I indicated that Montana is a very beautiful state that attracts many tourists every year. For that reason, you can expect to meet tourists and locals all over the cities.

3. Wildlife and predators-There are many uninhabited areas in the city that create the perfect environment for flora and fauna. There are many animal species in the cities and the locality.

4. Many farms and ranches-I know this is funny but the number of cows in Montana is twice the number of people. This explains the number of ranches and farms in this area.

5. Lack of housing-You may have some issues finding a conducive apartment to live in the cities. The majority of people here report issues with commuting for long hours to work because there are no houses closely.

6. Few amenities-The The big cities in this state may fail to have some amenities such as entertainment, enough schools, and hospitals. However, the ones available are well equipped and serve people better.

7. You should be self-sufficient-People in Montana live in the rural areas, which are hour’s drive from the cities. The climate and other issues my cut you off the power, or have issues driving during the winter.

8. AT&T is not officially supported here-Most people complain that AT&T is not supported in Montana. This is actually one of the many complaints from people moving here from other states.

9. Lack of recycling-You may not find options to recycle glass bottles even in some big supermarkets and shops.

10. Odd weather-The The weather in Montana is not predictable. One time its snow the other are tornados or hail in June. The summer if beautiful but you may suffer the rest of the seasons.

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