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Pros and Cons of Moving to Florida

Florida is a state in the southern part of the United States. It is also known as the Sunshine State because of the warm climate in the state. It is a state that attracts many tourists, and most of its revenue comes from the tourism industry. Its capital is known as Tallahassee, while its largest city is Jacksonville. Out of the 50 US states, Florida is rated to be the third most populous. Moving to Florida requires thorough research to understand the place for one to decide to move there.


Pros of moving to Florida

The advantages of living in Florida make it pleasant for people to prefer moving to the state.

1. Beautiful beaches: The state has quite many beaches, one of the main attractions. They include Palm Beach, Clearwater, and Delray that are believed to have the whitest and softest sand globally.

2. Summer: The climate in this state is favorable and draws most people as it’s humid and warm for the better part of the year. Unlike some states, there is no snow in Florida.

3. No income tax: Out of the 7 states that do not collect taxes from the individuals’ income, Florida is one. Being part of their constitution is a major draw for people willing to relocate to the state.

4. Special offers to the residents: The best and famous tourist attraction, Walt Disney in Florida, offers discount tickets for the residents in Florida. Such offers are a good draw for people to move to the state, especially those who like leisure in resorts.

5. Regular and affordable flights: Unlike the old times when flights from the UK to Florida were quite a task, travel is much easier. During peak times, the prices keep reducing as airlines keep competing to gain more. This makes it easier to fly back to the UK without major hustles.

6. Affordable property in Florida: Property in Florida is more affordable than in other states, and this is a huge draw for people planning to move permanently to the state. The low cost of living and lots of lands is a factor that determines people get the quality of their money. The properties available are strategically located, with most of them being near beautiful beaches.

7. Very friendly: The citizens in Florida are open and casual. Their positivity will make you feel welcome and at peacemaking a bit conducive for those relocating. It is assumed the positivity results from the beautiful and cool climate.

8. Best educational facilities: Florida hosts many educational facilities considered to be the best in the USA, both high school choices and universities. Among the named best universities is Florida Tech. People moving to the state with their children are favored by this factor as education is important.

9. Florida’s seafood is unique: The seafood restaurants in Florida stand out. Considering the fruits, desserts, and drinks made from limes and oranges are incredible. Proximity to the ocean coupled with a good climate is favorable conditions for the taste.

10. Booming economy: The economy of this state is healthy. The industries are diverse, including the agricultural sector, aerospace, life sciences, tourism, and international trade. The diversity provides economic stability, which is advantageous for those seeking to live here as there are many opportunities at their disposal.


Cons of moving to Florida

On the other hand, some people end up choosing a different state to settle in even after the high aspirations of living in Florida. Some of the cons that could contribute to the people moving out of the state include;

1. The climate can be oppressive: During the summer months, the humidity and heat can become oppressive to some people. For the better part of the year, you have to be reliant on the air conditioners. Despite the good climate in the state, the heat can make the environment unconducive.

2. Unfavorable weather: Sometimes it might rain a lot and heavily, which increases the risk as thunderstorms can affect your electricity. Lightning strikes are also common. If hurricanes come near your residence, they are destructive and disruptive.

3. Florida is flat: The state is completely flat, and driving around becomes tedious. For those who like hiking, valleys, and mountains, Florida is not their state of choice.

4. Bugs everywhere: The fruit flies and roaches are everywhere and become a real nuisance. When dealing with food, you have to be quite careful. Scorpions, spiders, mosquitoes, and snakes are common.

5. Strain on public means of transport: The only travel alternatives on land are buses if you are driving. They offer quite minimal services, which might be inconvenient for some people.

6. The experience of four seasons is not there: Florida is summer for almost the whole year, and those who like having the experience of the different seasons might end up disappointed. Progressions of winter, fall, summer, and spring do not occur; rather, i. Rathergets less humid and hot during winter.

7. Some areas can be over-commercial: The tourist attractions in Florida draw many people globally, and some of the areas become over-commercial. For instance, the Orlando area can have a large number of tourists at times. Some people who might have relocated to this state might reconsider due to the high number of people during holidays.

8. High population: Having quality and affordable properties has attracted many people, and the population is increasing at a high rate. This factor is placing a strain on their natural resources and infrastructure.

9. Crime rates: The southern part of Florida is characterized by high crime rates, and the cost of living is high in some parts. With the risks being higher due to unpredictable weather patterns and insecurity, the insurance costs are higher.

10. Terrible drivers: The roads in Florida are good, but this does not guarantee quality driving. Driving in this state is risky, unsafe, and of low quality.


Moving to Florida, for some people, is a great plan with all the benefits it brings, including a favorable climate, good economy, and tourist attractions, especially the beaches. The sunshine and warmth are huge draws for families, retirees, and celebrities, making it a popular destination. One should do enough research if their plan is on relocating permanently to avoid being disappointed when all the expectations are not met.

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