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Pros and cons of Seattle

Seattle is a city located in Washington state in the northwestern region of the United States of America. The Emerald City is the other term used to refer to Seattle. It is one of the major coastal seaport cities in the US. The city is a Pacific port found on Elliott Bay. It was named after an American leader and settled in 1852. Seattle is among the fastest-growing and largest cities in America. The beautiful scenery and clean air in the city is a major tourist attraction. It is also home to several industries, especially the company of Boeing aircraft.


Pros of Seattle

1. Reliable public transport– the public system of transport is good and reliable. There is a light link rail to the University of Washington from Tacoma. It is way cheaper than taking an Uber or taxi. The busses around the city make it easier for people to get around, and it is not a must for one to own a car.

2. Beautiful and clean– the summer season in the city is amazing. It begins in July to mid-September. The frequent rains ensure the area is green, with the air being clean and fresh. The fall season is made extra special due to the number of trees with the leaves changing their colors. Outdoor activities like camping, visiting the parks, hiking, and water sports are common.

3. Unique neighborhood– the neighborhoods are cool and unique with amazing bars, cute shops, restaurants, and markets. Walking around the neighborhoods and discovering the things on offer is fun.

4. Affordable rent– the price of renting a house in Seattle has significantly reduced, especially since the Covid 19 pandemic. With the rent prices being lower, making it affordable for the larger population affected by the pandemic, the city is a good fit for a home.

5. Technology opportunities are vast– Seattle is home to many industries. It is a host to many tech headquarters. They include Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Nordstrom. Other big companies with offices here are Adobe, Google, Pinterest, and Facebook. Meetings and conferences are common in Seattle, and the city is good for networking in the tech industries.

6. Blooming job market– the Emerald city, is greatly enriched by the technology industry. The job market is expanding as time goes by. The big companies offer opportunities to the residents to reduce the rate of unemployment below five percent.

7. Diverse dishes– Seattle is ranked among the top 10 cities in the US for foodies and quality, diversity, and accessibility. Foods from around the world have a destination here. Asian fusion and seafood are the best culinary genres served by the restaurants. Some of the best dishes are mainly found in the Vietnamese pho bar and the sushi restaurant.

8. Proximity to other cities– the city is a few hours’ drive to Vancouver, Portland, British Columbia, and Oregon. Vancouver and Seattle rival each other on their natural beauty with abundant rivers and mountains. Portland is also fun and well known for the tattoo parlor, breweries, and variety of coffee shops. The residents in the neighborhoods have the advantage of having a new adventure in a different city easily.

9. Greenery landscapes– the term Emerald city describes the city quite well. It ranks high on the list of the most beautiful destinations. The city is environmentally friendly with beautiful landscapes.

10. High intellectual levels– Seattle is ranked as the smartest city as it has many intellectuals. Statistics depict that almost half of the population here have bachelor’s degrees.


Cons of Seattle

1. Expensive housing market– the blooming job market is advantageous, but adverse effects might accompany the drastic expansion. Although some of the apartments are affordable, the better part of the housing market deems to be quite expensive. The housing market strains to balance with the increasing population.

2. Steep prices– food prices are not drastically higher in Seattle than in the other cities in the US. However, the prices are a bit higher as a result of the increased cost of living. The residents here pay for quality rather than quantity. They expect their meals to have premium ingredients resulting in higher pricing.

3. Traffic– despite the advantage of reliable and good public transport, traffic becomes a pain in the neck during rush hours—the congestion results in huge traffic.

4. The weather– starting from May to September, is usually cloudy. It rains, though not as hard as it does in California. It’s more of a perpetual drizzle. The lack of sun here can get to you.

5. Parking– just like it’s the case for many big cities, driving in Seattle is not always a good option. Rather than having parking lots outdoors, they have parking garages. During peak hours, finding a spot to park is tough.

6. Seattle freeze and dating– making friends in Seattle is challenging as many people to opt to keep to themselves and are not open. At some point for those dating here end up being ghosted.

7. The In-N-Out burger is hours away– Washington does not have these burger locations. Those who love the in-and-out burger have to go to Oregon.

8. Lack of diversity– the Emerald city, is overwhelmingly white. The racial composition in this city comprises mainly white with some Asians. It is not easy to find diversity here.

9. Drug and substance abuse– with an increasing population, tent cities have become common, making drug abuse rampant. It is a tough humanitarian issue that needs fixing.

10. High cost of living- Seattle is ranked 5th in the most expensive cities in the US. The food prices are high, and housing is also becoming expensive with drastic changes in population.


When deciding to move to Seattle, one should explore the pros and cons of the city. For the tech gurus, this is a great choice with all the big tech companies. Job opportunities in this area are a major boost accompanied by the beautiful landscapes, nature, and clean air. On the other hand, the cons should be evaluated. The weather might pose a challenge. Housing is also becoming expensive as the population increases, and the city is becoming congested with time. Seattle remains a good choice.

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