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Pros and Cons of 000WebHosting

000WebHosting gives you an opportunity to free host your website especially when you’re running low on budget. It provides you with a free domain for your site.

000webhost offers you a lot of benefits and some few limitations probably you won’t have expected from free hosting services.



1. Uptime: 000webhost guarantees you 99% of consistent uptime metrics. This adds to the credibility of the services provided and offer assurance to users who are reluctant in taking up free hosting services.

2. Security and reliability: 000webhost incorporates DDoS protection and the use of an advanced firewall to block unauthorized users. Regular updates, instant backup, and continuous monitoring ensure no security threats to the individual’s data.

3. Website builder: The free hosting services support various website builders like PHP and MySQL with its cPanel. It also supports XML, Curl, .htaccess, and other tools.

4. Free Templates: You can get over 100 free templates from the cPanel once you subscribe to free web hosting. It also provides you with multi-language support, IP Den Manager and HotLink protection.

5. Disc space and bandwidth: Creating an account is very easy with an allocated disk space of 1GB and a 10GB of bandwidth. This allows you to have 2 sites with free cPanel alongside the web designers.

6. No Ads: There are no Ads posting and you can have script install to put restrictions in the TOS.

7. Great cPanel support: 000webhost offers you cPanel support with over 100+ auto introduce contents like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and other content management systems.

8. Promotion support: 000webhost allows you to run your own advertisements on the free site. Other free hosting services show their own promotional material and flags. You can use Google AdSense in your account.

9. Customer services: It provides top customer support to users on any issues concerning PHP, MySQL, or any other question they have concerning the services offered.

10. Email support: 000webhost offers you a free email account and a webmail bolster. You can alter the MX section in order to receive emails from Google applications or other email application.



1. Limited features: Free hosting provides you with limited options. The text files are non-viewable. The domain name and sub-domain belong to the service provider.

2. CPU usage: Once you surpass your daily CPU usage, your webpage is diverted and to avoid this, you had to reset your usage at regular intervals.

3. Expelled websites without notice: 000webhost service team deletes client’s information on their free administration site without notice to the clients. There are several cases of individuals whose sites have been brought down.

4. Document uploads: Although the upload via FTP says 5mb, your files with even 2mb can fail. Files with a storage space of more than 5MB are removed without informing the client. 000webhot screens and sort the transferred documents and delete them after a while.

5. Low bandwidth: The number of visitors in your site is determined by the bandwidth, a lower bandwidth reduces the number of visitors you can engage with your site.

6. Errors: There are various annoying PHP errors when operating a website on 000webhost. There are also several MySQL errors.

7. Security issues: sometimes back, there was a security threat on the client’s information where a hacker got into the database and changed the hashed passwords of clients.

8. Limited space: It provides you with 500 MB for storage leaving you with fewer storage capacities for all your files.

9. Speed: The transmission speed is slow compared to other hosting services especially if you have large volumes of data to transfer or when uploading images.

10. Suitable for beginners: 000webhost is only suitable for beginners who want to showcase their skills, you can’t use it for SEO work and Google may not rank your website or show you’re content on the top page when you are using free hosting.

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