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Pros and Cons of 4k tv

4K TVs are now to be the most in the application .most first-word class continent I .e countries have experienced a high sale and give the positive acceptance from the public. 4k, for instance, has experienced an increase in the sale of the necessary 4k resolutions. It all happens that the 4k resolutions are up to upgrading televisions very soon.



1. Pictures have more details-4k pictures have more clarity and lead to more understanding due to the resolutions adopted and its sharpness of huge consideration.

2. Better image depth-its pixels make pictures look deeper .this is an additional pro other than clarity in details and sharpness .it has a proper capability to give better details hence you can see further before the flattening effect occur.

3. Better color handling– it has many pixels to play when helps pictures render color with a better view leading to the 3D upgrades rather than the issue of 2D up-gradation and orderliness.

4. A more cinematic, immersive experience -the small screen of the 4k TV features maintain the proper quality than the massive screens making one feel more comfortable when viewing on the screen or watching a cinema since the pictures fill the field of the viewer.

5. Fits with the growing desire to own bigger televisions- unlike other televisions whose the bigger the screen size the more they expose weakness in the source material .for the 4k televisions, proper image projection and truly epic proportions experienced before any con.

6. 4k is the future-4k brings the new technology and of which many have already accepted and the sale is increasing day by day from the manufacturers and also an increase in production in the hardware where supply is at a mastered level. This brings about a sure prediction on the next 3yrs full control of the 4k televisions.

7. Not much expensive-Despite the late start of the operation of the 4k television, there is a marketable price quoted as per the technology used .compared to other types they might be expensive but in reality, the price fits the market supply though rising day by day due the sophistication used.

8. 4k makes 3D better -it uses the screen filter system to create a 3D experience. With the many lines, you can have true full HD resolution 3D pictures from the 3D rays dispatched.

9. 4k is the lowest digital resolution which you can recapture film-4k is able to recapture all the details e.g. film grain making is better with the approach of the movie fans.

10. Simplicity in operation-as per the clarity in the knowledge and many other fields, many who have the basic know-how can have total control and in the basis of operation.


1. Usefulness is debatable if one defines the purpose– Depending on the use of the television; one may tend to take a 4k HD with the same screen size as the previously owned. This is purely based on the way to use and the basic operation intended to work under specified functions.

2. 4k televisions cost more as compared to the usual used– the rising price in the cost of the 4k televisions may bring up a possible barrier as per the consumption and supply. The high technology used brings about the hyper rise in the cost which is unbearable for many who are willing to have one.

3. Resolution is not the main key– Apart from resolution, contrast, color, brightness, and motion handling have a huge role hence only one part of the full picture quality story.

4. 4k connectivity is a mess-there is generally a real requirement for the power and information input and output in terms of socket outlets that supply the required and the different frequencies that have to be adapted thus requiring a different approach.

5. 4k sources are still in sort of supply-The production cost and estimation on the output of the materials depicts the cost of access and shortage of reliable material for the technology required. This has made the manufacturers not still able to bring out the proper details that satisfy the users’ quest.

6. 4k televisions can make non 4K footage look worse– Due to the proper techniques used, one used to 4k can have an over advantageous effect that the previous television processors strive to make the usual television with 4k features. This has led to many abandoning the previous sets.

7. 4k standards are still in flux-There is no full detail on the real content of the 4k especially since this may head to many parts of the world using diverse standards.

8. Not all 4k televisions currently support 4k video streams from Netflix and others
-This brings about a competition to bring a clear compression format of choice for streamed 4k.

9. 4k is hard to deliver without compromising quality: the rate at which data needs to be passed from source to screen is a key factor in determining the final quality of the 4k pictures.

10. 4k televisions may be prone to the factor of obsolescence-as time goes these versions may end up losing value and in so doing can lead to the rise in the competition with many more manufacturers

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