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Pros and Cons of S-Cross

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The new facelift of the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross was launched in the Indian market and makes the car easily pass off as a premium hatchback and it is bigger in size. The interior of the car have an upgraded dashboard with a satin chrome finish and soft touch material. The piano black finish at the center makes it look like a premium car.

S cross car delivers power, driving comfort, comfortable seating area, and a spacious boot space. Look at the pros and cons of S-Cross before making your buying decisions.



1. Build quality: S-Cross car has a solid build quality which makes the car feel like a proper premium crossover and has great features like the LED headlamps, cruise control, leather upholstery, and other new features. LED headlamps can improve vision at night.

2. Ride quality: Makes you feel comfortable and it keeps the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross cabin composed when driving on rough roads. The suspension setup ensures you’re not tossed around a lot when driving.

3. Spacious: It has enough headroom, legroom, and huge luggage space. The split rear seat liberty enables you to carry more luggage and have 3 to 4 people on the rear bench.

4. Powerful: S-Cross car delivers high power-torque and good ground clearance that gives value for your money. The rear parking sensors, speed alert, and seatbelt reminder add to its cutting edge.

5. Economical: S-Cross is a good and affordable vehicle with decent features. This vehicle gives you value for your money. The vehicle has a low maintenance cost.

6. Big tires: The vehicle’s big tires have better rims which give the vehicle a crossover feel.

7. Disc brakes: All wheels are fitted with disc brakes which makes the vehicle to come to a halt confidently. Cruise control makes it easier to drive on long highways.

8. Fuel efficient: The addition of SHVS to the engine setup will lead to improved fuel consumption. There is also improved drivability at low speeds.

9. Less noise: It has the best road noise insulation making the engine produce less noise while driving.

10. Smartplay infotainment system: Maruti Suzuki S-Cross car is fitted with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto making it possible to sync with a mobile device and get entertained on the go.



1. Subtle design: The front part of the car has a more aggressive look and its overall design around the vehicle has subtle look.    

2. Heavy for U-turns: At slow speed, you may experience S-Cross steering weight that makes the vehicle feel too heavy when making U-turns or when entering a perpendicular line.

3. Slippery steering wheel: The leather-wrapped steering wheel makes it feel slippery on hands.

4. Engine capacity: The 1.6-litre engine brand has been discontinued and the latest models only have 1.3-litre engine which provides less power for the crossover vehicle.

5. Underpowered engine: The car has an underpowered engine and it lacks punch for safe driving on the highways compared to other cars of this class. The 1.3-Litre doesn’t offer enough power for high speeds.

6. No rear-AC vents: Having black interiors and no rear-AC vents make the engine take a lot of time to cool down the rear half of the cabin.

7. No automatic transmission: The S-Cross car lacks automatic transmission, petrol engine, and no AWD.

8. Airbags: The car has few airbags and other safety feature compared to other rivals in the same segment or class.

9. Diesel variant: The vehicle only uses diesel variant although there are reports petrol variant brands are coming up soon.

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